Wednesday, March 22, 2017


... is there an app for that??
I love what I do, love being at my desk 
drawing, creating, painting.
Then I love being in my stitching spot, 
playing with thread, 
and dreaming up ways to embellish my canvas.
Sometimes it's such a tiny spot that 
requires large amounts of
 thinking thinking thinking.

The pieces that fall together quickly 
are so cherished
and at the same time, 
I'm sad to see them finish
up so quickly.
Moving on ... always
Today, I'm in front of this contraption ...
the laptop.  I sometimes refer to this part as
detention ... obviously not my favorite part.
Although, once I get started, it's a blast.
Love seeing a stitch come to life on a graph.
... so sometimes self imposed
detention is necessary ;-)
Just a sneak peek into the future,
Just add color,
makes my heart pound!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Little Bits...

Sometimes a girl just has to play.
Revisiting the way I would play with string ...
I've come to the conclusion that I have an
oddly put together brain ...
no kidding, right?!?!

Of course, you benefit in the play of my cosmic brain.

Introducing my latest exercise
"Little Bits of String"
Three in a row
single on their own canvas.
Fun, quick, about 2.5"sq designs.
I'll be teaching these as pop up workshops for
The Black Sheep 
in Orlando.
Classes will be held on
the second Saturday of each month 
the last Wednesday.
Call 407 . 894 . 0444
or click the link for details.
I stitched these in Soie Perlee
but you can use any fine single strand
thread of a similar size.
Your choice in colors and canvas!
They can become ornaments or bits of
contemporary art framed up with a wide mat.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Finished and ready to debut this Saturday!
Class time at 
in Orlando!
Nothing boring about this fish!
I had fun with this finale!
Silk ribbon and sequins!!
The pulled work is a blast,
no freaking out!