Monday, July 2, 2018

Life is sooooo good....
To say we had fun ...
would be an understatement !
Best Birthday Ever !
This was a most awesome group of stitchers we had at
The Beehive for "My Passion" class.
They just dove into the stitching like nobodies business!
Lisa! What can I say ...
Except ... she asks great questions!
Just a few and we love her!
She was thrilled to find the magic of
counting out a string art design and having it
land it the correct spot!
Wish you could see their work up close,
they are all very accomplished
needle workers! Thank you to all of you for joining
us at The Beehive!
[Lisa had to leave early or
she would have been front and center...
she kept us in 'stitches']
As I walked around the class room
I kept propping my piece in one of
the many colorful chairs Ruth has ....
which is your favorite?
I have one but will wait to hear yours.
This guy, Johnny ....
my housemate at The Beehive
and breakfast buddy.
Does he just not make you smile!?!
Ruth realized before I arrived ...
Just how long have we known each other???
When I taught my first class in the needlework
industry .... I was seven months pregnant! 
Ruth and I had our first cash and carry show
together in Hunt Valley, Maryland 
two years later.
My son will be 27 this December.

If you are interested in purchasing
"My Passion"or any of my other hand painted
needlepoint designs, follow the link.
Ruth Schmuff Designs .
Bedecked and Beadazzled