Monday, December 3, 2018


My very first Christmas card arrived today!
... with a note.
"No posts since September ...!?!"

Oh my ... posting is truly hard for me when
I can not share what I'm painting and stitching 
with all of you.  

I do post often on Instagram, love the ease
of posting photos of the everyday happenings
in my life on that platform.

I've heard from a few of you that have 
wondered where I've been, here is a re-cap 
since September.
Gorgeous late summer night here in Florida.
The perfect little model.
I truly wasn't positive I could
still sew like this!
The next little artist in the family,
chalk is his present
medium of choice.
Ginger plants that were just the color
I needed one day.
Yes ... they'll probably end up
in a design at some point.
A morning with my brother and sis in law.
Mimosas, Music by Munn Park Saints,
and ART!
Of course ...

I'm active in a group called
'4 Squared Makers'
ANYONE, can join in ... you purchase
'4' -  4" square wood blocks from our creative leader.
You'll be given a theme for the next pop up show,
then you get creating in any medium.
The above is colored pencil by me on smooth stock,
mounted on the wood block.
I offer optional framing to whomever buys my pieces.
For more information you can find us on
FaceBook or email
ART, lots of art.
I have Giclee reproductions available for many
of my original art. 
Then there are the play pieces I've
stitched up here and there that
were never intended for reproduction. 
These are all available for purchase.
You can contact me if any strike your fancy
via email at
Gecko and Dragonfly art blocks.
Love a flower show ....
I can needlepoint anything!
I was gifted this super super fine mesh
copper last summer.
It looks like soft fabric until
you catch your finger on it!
But oh! the results!
This one was snatched up by
my long time friend and
fellow stitcher/designer Michael Boren.
'Colors of Autumn'
ArtCraft Festival in St Pete and
Palace Pizza in Lakeland.
Wonderful day of beautiful weather,
great friendship,
amazing art and pizza
[gluten free] in
my favorite Lakeland spot.
My kind of selfie ...
the bird was an after thought.
Karen Hennessy of Zecca loves
to paint crazy birds and posts
many pictures of the real thing
 that speak to moi.
 I love to sketch them.
'Ruth and Harley'
Hard to see as this is straight out of my
sketchbook.  There is a personal push to
draw every day .... no guarantee and no
beating myself up if I don't.
Ruth is my amazing friend and distributor
Ruth Schmuff Designs
'Winter Collection'
15" x 30" original painting titled
'Magic and Grace'
Framed Gallery of Trees and
Hand decorated painted box
also with a Gallery of Trees variation.
I really love how this turned out.
 It is for sale but ...
I really love it so much ...
I actually put a nail in the
wall and hung it.
'Magic and Grace'
makes me smile
complete feel good piece.
Anyone who has known me
'since my beginnings'
in the needlework industry,
will remember the above tassel.
This is 'me' giving you a sneak peek
at what is happening
behind the scenes.
Wait for it ...
I spent about three hours standing
on a cement floor
selling art last Friday in a
crazy Whoville Hat. 
I just could not resist being silly and
getting myself into the
holiday spirit of the season.
 I'm often a Scrooge until about
Christmas eve. 
Shown here with great friend, Betsy Bohrer,
 who submitted to joining in on my madness
for a whimsical night of silliness.
We've been labeled
'Mischief and Mayhem'
may have fully earned those titles
once again.
What a great friend.
May the spirit of the season find you too!