Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What isn't up !?

 The end of May pretty much slid into June. 
By mid June I felt like it should be July!

Crazy life full of wonder. 
Trip to see my grandchildren, trip to 
Houston to teach my piece,
Father and Son.
The following weekend I had an art 
opening one night and Zoom classes
starting the next morning for my 
Transformation piece.
Since I seem to thrive on this behavior, 
I'm not complaining.

I made a big step about a month ago 
to retire from working outside
of my home. No more part time job, 
I'm now full time ART!

My new 'boss' is very demanding!
Guide writing in the morning,
studio time in the afternoon...
both run into the evening hours!

Loving it all!

My next in person class is in November in 
Chicago with the guild there.
It’s already full! 
So exciting as I get to see my long time 
friend Libby Sturdy 
and reconnect with another friend 
from my needlepoint beginnings 
back in New England, 
Jennifer Shekaran! 
She happens to be living in 
Chicago and is great friends 
with Libby, this world just 
keeps getting smaller. 
The project is 
'Tree of Life' 
from my original 
five by five series.  

NEXT live is in Sugarland, Texas!
is back and raring to go!
[click on the link and scroll down]

I have two pieces for you to choose from...

'Santa Up Close'
He's 8" square with lots of fun stitching, of course!
from my five by five series.
This one features appliqued kid leather, 
couched gimp and silk wrapped purl.

I can't say enough great things about this 
stitching retreat put on by 
MaryAlice Sinton and husband John.
They are the best and most organized.
And... they treat us like gold!

So let us get back out there
stitching together again!