Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I love that my granddaughter is now
behind the lens of a camera like her Mama!
This week she and Mimi were rocking fun 
shoes and we both felt impelled to take
'shoe shots'!
[her feet are tiny, 
mine just happen to be 
further away from the camera]
It's been a big week for me!
I submitted the above design
to a local art showcase.
The show was celebrating the
Divine Feminine and 
was scheduled for the
night of the 'Pink Moon'.
Called this as pink flowers bloom at this time, magic!
I was beyond thrilled to have my work
accepted and to be a part of this wonderful showcase.
All local women
exhibiting their work along with
two local songstresses 
and an amazing woman who preformed
'spoken word'. 
It was a night I'll remember always.
Moi with my work.
Thank you to Chad Loving for the nice pic!
My friends and followers know me ...
I had more than one person bring the above 
picture to my attention.  Wish I could give credit
to the originator of this perfect picture.
I had seen this and well....
see below.

Hmmm .... I had an entire paragraph and it just disappeared!
.... and it was pretty great too.
 .... onward ...

The picture inspired me to create a
'Tent stitch only' piece.
I need what I title a 'no brainer' going all the time.
Something I can work on and not
have to think about what I'm going
to do here and there or ...
how will I write this so all can understand it!

I was asked today what this was called.
The above is a 
smaller version of what I finished today.
The words below it read ...

'always believe that
something wonderful
is about to happen'

So, introducing ...
smaller version
Last Stitch ;-)
This is going into a small
glass topped table in my space.
If you follow me you know I participate
in a group called

'4 Squared Makers'
We put on small pop up art shows often.
Anyone can 
join us for a fee of $30.
You'll receive 4 - 4" square blocks

of unfinished wood with hanger attached.
You're given a 
theme and can create
whatever type media on your blocks.

Next month our small original works of art
will be on 
display at
Hillcrest Coffee House
in Lakeland, Florida.
You can follow us on Facebook for more details.
Each piece of original art sells for $45. 
My three so far for this show,
there is another sweet 

little bird in the works for my set this time.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Teaching is an awesome opportunity for me.
I get to meet many stitchers from all over
the country.
Most often we end up teaching each
other a thing or two. 
Even more

Below is a listing of upcoming opportunities ;-)
First up....
I'm teaching this for 
Chandail Needlework
in Houston, Texas

November 16 - 17, 2019
[click on shop name for details]
Starting 2020!
In January I'll be in Montgomery, Alabama at

Canvas 'a needlepoint adventure'

"My Passion"
January 17 - 18 - 19, 2020

...choices, also being offered is
"Crop Circles"
[shown below]
Also being offered through
Canvas 'a needlepoint adventure'

'Crop Circles'

January 20 - 21 - 22, 2020

[this one is a work in progress, I'm posting updates regularly]
In February of 2020
I hope to be on the faculty once more for
Blue Bonnet Studios
in Houston, Texas.


February 15 - 16, 2020
'Caps 'N Curls'

Blue Bonnet Studios

February 17 - 18, 2020