Friday, May 30, 2014


My brain loves this!  
Calculating a border sets my design muse on its ear, 
too much way!
Some days are made for playing with thread and stitches.
Messing around with string art and fine thread is one of my favorites.
And a little dragonfly was born in the corner.
Coming up with a light coverage background
is next on the 'todo' list.
Happy little bug.
Art Deco feel, maybe.
Reminds me of a carved border around the top of an old building.
 Didn't know I was architectural, did you?
I take many pictures while stitching.
The camera sometimes shows me a totally different perspective
than what I'm seeing while focused on the stitches.
Sometimes this perspective is very cool, sometimes I'm reverse stitching.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reality along the Rhein, hard to take.
The square downtown Wiesbaden. Stormy spring day reality.
New design 'Little Bird'©2014
In honor of my very first grand child,
sweet little Emma.
All in lovely rich colors of silk & wool,
all basketweave.
She'll not ever be told she can't
snuggle with this pillow.
Can you tell how much I am loving
this sweet little baby!
Rocked my reality!
Sweetest little reality in our families world!
My darling daughter takes great care of me.
Even makes me gluten free treats in heart shapes!
First gardenias this year.
We have two huge bushes full!
Pretty nice slices of my reality,
now to get back to work.
Loving life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She's here!
Introducing the most beautiful Granddaughter ever,
Emma Katherine
born May the 5th, 2014
Mommy is still glowing, Daddy is awesomely proud,
and me, so wowed,
walking on air!