Tuesday, October 19, 2021


The word 'Journey' comes up in my
conversation often.
Of late, even more.

Last weekend my friend and fellow artisan,
Marcia Morse-Mullins 
invited me over to learn a technique she
was calling 'Knotless Netting' or Looping.

She'd worked it around a rock and I was
all about learning how to do this.
I think my brain was all about 
revisiting my younger hippie.
Why NOT!

So, I showed up with two orders of
fish tacos and a bottle of our 
favorite red blend.

She instructs me to take this 
linen thread 
3x's around
this fabulous moonstone 
[my favorite rock ever]
she'd provided for me.
Then I was to take a threaded
needle over the wrap and through the 
'loop' and continue around.

This is the point where I began
laughing at myself loudly.
In my world this stitch is called
'detached buttonhole'.

And... I use to teach it from 
coast to coast in my 
tassel making classes.


Below is an example of another
way to work this crazy stitch.
I saw it, screen shot it,
and now can not find where to give credit.

But do not be surprised to see it 
pop up in a present design I've 
been a bit stumped on.

YOU just NEVER know 
what will inspire 
your next adventure
in stitching.

This woman was a driving force for me.
Sue Jennings
aka. Auntie Sue

Her journey here was an 
adventurous one for sure
and now, I'm positive 
 is on another.

She will always be close by 
in my heart. My deepest 
sympathies to her family.