Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Class Time in Orlando!

The first of my series
'The Nine"
Not all of us received the striped shirt memo
but we had a great class regardless!
This was the second class for the first of my Nine series
with The Black Sheep Shop in Orlando.
Our Girl Friday!
Anne Jones!
This woman is a true gem!
Not only was she in the middle of
moving the shop...but she held class for us!
And yes, she was smiling through it all!
Wanda's busy hands discovering how fun it is to
stretch, twist, & bunch silk wrapped pearl purl.
Erica, also having fun couching this fun real metal thread.
NEVER let it be said I'm not taken care of!
Inside this wonderful bag were
three Chocolate Chip Cookies
from my friends at
Sugarbuzz Dezert Company
When Anne ordered cookies for lunch, they made sure
to include something special for me. Yay!

Next up is the peacock titled...
"Yes, I'm Special"
Watch for stitching updates soon!
Class is scheduled for the first and last
Saturday in March.
Click on the shop link above for details.

Friday, January 15, 2016

a Zen week...

This week has been wonderful...
to be honest, most of them are!
What made this week different?
First of all, I taught in Orlando on Saturday.
Always awesome. I love the back and forth with students.
Building a background...
one of my students saw this and her first thought was
'Can you do this"!!??
The second was
"I love it"!
Made my day!
This is the next piece in The Nine series I'm teaching for
The Black Sheep Shop in Orlando.
"Yes, I'm Special!"
It was past time to take Christmas down....
which always leaves the place looking plain,
a downer for me. I miss the twinkle lights!
But...this year I had a new piece of art to hang & this I love!
He's called The Diver
Siyeh Glass
Two talented artisans, one glass, one metal.
So I have a little different twinkle in the studio now.
My Mom gave him to me, purchased through
Brooke Pottery
Sorry...can't show the entire piece yet...soooooon!
I've loved working on this piece
in every spare moment I had this week.
Also loving the technology available
whilst I paint.
I can listen to my favorite music
and message with friends.
Zen and still connected,
very grounding.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

always evolving...

I mentioned on an Instagram post how 
a design sometimes evolves 
past my original thoughts and the notes 
I keep while stitching. 
Below is a prime example of how 
a design finished and set aside for 
several years after publishing, 
can do just that!
This is a charted piece I released in 2003.
Which I bounced off of for my
Magic Carpet
© floor painting....
Which I then decided to turn into a Magic Carpet© cushion!

Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm listening...

What do you want to see more of in 2016?
More painterly canvases, more beads,
more geometric,
more flowers, birds, whimsical, 
more architectural, more fantasy???

I'm not wanting to change my style,
just wondering what makes you 
buy that next canvas.

Plan to keep on doing more of 
what makes me happy.

Happy New Year!!
Fierce Bird©
My Castle, My Dragon©
Little Dancer©

Fish Under Glass©
Happy Beast©
Lets Meet at the Lake©
Baby Elephant©
Springs & Leaves©
Percy's Bowl & Box design©
Three Florals©
Under the Sea©
Happy Little Bug©
Ask Him©
Cone Flower Residence©
Full Movement©
Mandala One©
Peace On Earth©
Cherry Blossom©
Pop Flower©
Silly Reindeer©
Avery's Dragon©