Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some finishing!

Whimsy Ornaments...
I designed these ages ago...stitched them a while ago too.  Then unceremoniously dropped them in my finishers lap with no real idea how to have them finished.  There were grand expectations that I would learn to do this myself...she looked at me like I was crazy...'wouldn't it be better to try on a simple round ornament for your first finishing attempt?' ... she gently proffered.  I did accomplish one...she did the rest...for which I am endlessly grateful.

Whimsy Ornament Collection a Kimberly design
Reindeer Whimsy a Kimberly design

Cat Whimsy a Kimberly design
Those of you that know me...have seen this cat before on a pin design.

Tree Whimsy a Kimberly design

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

it's a process....

a loooooong process...however, I am getting a bit quicker.

Recognize any of these early sketches?    Bottom center is the Butterfly beginnings.

Many steps along the way, each one enjoyed.

Love having my desk where I can see outside, second story view into a huge oak.  Makes me feel like I'm in a tree house!

Truly bored with the whole process.
 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

retail therapy... version.
Just a few tubes of paint.
I really needed a small break from the painting process.  Below is a shot of several 'Butterfly Biscornu'.  I've since changed my tactic...found I could paint in the coral background first.  This discovery is saving me an enormous amount of time.  I'm pretty sure I read this tip on Barbara Elmore's blog. ... well, I don't see it, maybe she posted on FB.  Either, credit where due.  

Step one in the thankful to be painting so many.

"Butterfly Biscornu" releases January 2013
a Kimberly design with custom fabric for finishing.
First in a series of seven designs.

The other six Biscornu.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fabric for Swirling Hearts

So...the first try for Swirling Hearts fabric was a no go...very pretty but very wrong color.  So I tried again and played with the design some more and Voila!  Success.

fourth in a series of seven hand painted needle point designs
Swirling Hearts Biscornu ...  fourth in a series of seven designs.
 I'm steadily stitching my way through each design.  'Paisley Biscornu' is the fifth in this series.  Of course, I'm also busily painting repeats of the first 'Butterfly Biscornu' that will ship mid January to club members.  A huge thank you to all of you who've joined in the fun of stitching these little gems.

fifth in a series of seven hand painted canvas designs
Border & corner beginnings of 'Paisley Biscornu '

fifth in a series of seven hand painted needle point designs
Fun geometrics developing !

The Boss....Chance

Nothing to do with stitching but everything to do with him....this is what he looks like when he's talking to me from the!  Every one have a great weekend.