Friday, May 26, 2017

Freedom to free form ....

Giving myself permission to play ...
More on this craziness very soon ;-)
Join us this Wednesday
May 31

The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando 
for Little Bit of String Two!
[center spring green section]
We've been having a lot of fun with these
Little Bits!
[click on the shop name for more info]

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Springtime ...

It may be happening in other parts of the world
.... but here in Florida we are already
hitting record temperatures ....
oh Yeah!
Thank goodness there was a trip North 
in the plans and I could enjoy that 
beautiful bit of season ...
which is my favorite!

This weeks blog features an older design
of mine ... but I still absolutely love it.
All that life springing forth took me back.
It's called ...
"A Portion of My Garden"©
[available to shops through Ruth Schmuff Designs]
In the past I've thoroughly enjoyed gardening.
Anything I plant here has to make it on
it's own ... hence lots and lots of succulents!
There is a lot going on in this piece.
I used beautiful silk ribbon, hand painted silks,
and some
crazy fuzzy stuff too.
Many, many stitches
to add texture and depth.
Mountains Majesty!
My granddaughter loves to ask you what
your favorite color is.  Her Mama told her before I
arrived ... "when you ask Mimi, she's going to tell you
she loves all colors".
So true, although the new green of spring
really touches my heart.
Just WOW!
My Little Flower Child ...
this one has my heart in a tighter grip
than she has on those dandelions!
Lilacs seem to be a favorite of many.
It had been so long since I'd seen one
in person ... I didn't even realize
this was a different variety.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

3rd birthdays...

... are a big deal!!
And ...
Mimi is on her way shortly!
It's all about unicorns this year ...
magical, but of course!
I'm ready to hold court anytime now ...
We've called her our 'Little Bird'
since before she was born.  Which may
have had some sway in my head when
painting my travel piece ;-)