Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decking the halls....

glimpses of a few treasures and some 'finished' stitching.  Always a good thing.  

I designed the 2 sided ornament for Rainbow Gallery several years ago, still a favorite.  The coral & turquoise I painted but never figured out how to put a hanger it gets  'displayed'

The Collection of Designs Santa stand up Mom stitched a good while ago too.  Fun discovering treasures when you get the Christmas boxes down.

My Mom is a huge fan of anything red, white, & blue!
She stitched her stocking and I painted the tassel for her.  I'd forgotten about the tassel.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

day to day...

Since I last blogged, so much has happened in the world.  My heart is a whirl of hurt but ever hopeful for a brighter future.  It's like being on a teeter totter ... remember when some kid would inevitably jump off while you were 'up'.  Most of us never let that happen twice.  Then you become an adult and the world throws you a curve that makes your stomach drop.  I hear in my head ... just keep going ... smile, breath ... breath deeply.

In my own little part of this world much has happened that's made my heart soar.  I decided to leave Texas ... just like that ... I had a talk with myself and for once, my head and my heart were telling me the same thing.  I wanted to be closer to family, as in parents/brother/extended.  My kids are exploring all sorts of options out there...daughter and son in law are looking forward to his next assignment in the Army.  My son will soon have all his certifications for welding and has already spoken with recruiters.  Both will not be in Texas soon.  

So here I am, new place, new roads to travel.  Many of you know I have been planning to get myself back out there in the needlepoint design industry.  My first foray is the Biscornu Club through The Needle Works in Austin, Texas.  So far so great!  

Painted 'Butterfly Biscornu' canvas, bead kit, fabric, stitch guide....
check! check! check! check!
Ready to ship in January!

The farewell to all in Texas was not an easy one.  I had an amazing job at The Needle Works.  I worked with incredibly talented women/true friends and the customers...sweet, gentle, kind, loving, caring, many of whom became great friends to me.  I've been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the most creative stitchers out there.  I've been very blessed in so many ways.  I'll keep all of this in my heart, these are gifts to treasure forever.  

My gift to 'the girls' & 'the boss' at my last Christmas party.  Ask me if that felt weird after seven years!?

'Rudolph' a Kimberly design copyright 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some finishing!

Whimsy Ornaments...
I designed these ages ago...stitched them a while ago too.  Then unceremoniously dropped them in my finishers lap with no real idea how to have them finished.  There were grand expectations that I would learn to do this myself...she looked at me like I was crazy...'wouldn't it be better to try on a simple round ornament for your first finishing attempt?' ... she gently proffered.  I did accomplish one...she did the rest...for which I am endlessly grateful.

Whimsy Ornament Collection a Kimberly design
Reindeer Whimsy a Kimberly design

Cat Whimsy a Kimberly design
Those of you that know me...have seen this cat before on a pin design.

Tree Whimsy a Kimberly design

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

it's a process....

a loooooong process...however, I am getting a bit quicker.

Recognize any of these early sketches?    Bottom center is the Butterfly beginnings.

Many steps along the way, each one enjoyed.

Love having my desk where I can see outside, second story view into a huge oak.  Makes me feel like I'm in a tree house!

Truly bored with the whole process.
 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

retail therapy... version.
Just a few tubes of paint.
I really needed a small break from the painting process.  Below is a shot of several 'Butterfly Biscornu'.  I've since changed my tactic...found I could paint in the coral background first.  This discovery is saving me an enormous amount of time.  I'm pretty sure I read this tip on Barbara Elmore's blog. ... well, I don't see it, maybe she posted on FB.  Either, credit where due.  

Step one in the thankful to be painting so many.

"Butterfly Biscornu" releases January 2013
a Kimberly design with custom fabric for finishing.
First in a series of seven designs.

The other six Biscornu.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fabric for Swirling Hearts

So...the first try for Swirling Hearts fabric was a no go...very pretty but very wrong color.  So I tried again and played with the design some more and Voila!  Success.

fourth in a series of seven hand painted needle point designs
Swirling Hearts Biscornu ...  fourth in a series of seven designs.
 I'm steadily stitching my way through each design.  'Paisley Biscornu' is the fifth in this series.  Of course, I'm also busily painting repeats of the first 'Butterfly Biscornu' that will ship mid January to club members.  A huge thank you to all of you who've joined in the fun of stitching these little gems.

fifth in a series of seven hand painted canvas designs
Border & corner beginnings of 'Paisley Biscornu '

fifth in a series of seven hand painted needle point designs
Fun geometrics developing !

The Boss....Chance

Nothing to do with stitching but everything to do with him....this is what he looks like when he's talking to me from the!  Every one have a great weekend.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


the 'back' of my work!  Most stitchers totally freak if you take even a glance at the back of their work.  I happen to not care.  Of course, the back of my work is annoyingly neat to others.  It's not a 'thing' for just happens to turn out that way.  My head thinks ahead of my's like a GPS...if I start here...I can slip over there to snag that stitch...then over there to work the other area of this color... and so on.  It's not really a conscious effort.  

Anyway, my point in sharing comes from a discussion about a week ago with other threadbenders on a FB needlepoint page.  The question posed was..."When do I Basketweave as opposed to Continental??"  You can drive yourself crazy over answer is to not do this...remember why you stitch??  To RELAX!  I felt the eye rolls from several dedicated teachers with that...sorry.  I do have some personal rules I like to enforce....a frame is better than in hand...not just because it keeps your canvas from listing to the left but also for your comfort.  Posture, neck/shoulders/the all important hands...gripping your canvas causes gobs of problems down the road.  I've probably only met two stitchers that really relax when working on a piece, most of you have a death grip on your canvas/needle.  

I will say when working on a skinny's in my hand but it does take me longer this way.  I stitch two handed and am like an addict with the speed I achieve.  This is my I do go for speed...models have to be worked up quickly.  

Getting to the point here...below are several shots of a piece stitched entirely in Tent, so far.  Tent being the generic term for a stitch that is worked on a diagonal over one intersection of canvas.  Basketweave and Continental being the only two ways I recommend Tent to be worked.  You'll see from the pictures that you can actually work Basketweave in very small areas.  Like the little blue arches...even on a 4 intersection block.  Single lines, curves...these have to be in Continental. 

This cute Paisley Elephant is by designer Karen Grant.  I love elephants, she also did the paisley version of my pup Chance ... which I can't wait to work.  He's the carrot at the end of my Biscornu series.

On another note...I am working steadily on the Biscornu designs which begin shipping mid January 2013.  The Swirling Hearts design, fourth in the series is patiently waiting for it's fabric to arrive....for a second time.  The first draft came looking very pale lavender which did not work.  So back to the drawing table and off again to the busy little fabric factory.  The latest email says it's been shipped, due to arrive shortly.  Maybe by the end of this week or beginning of next, I'll have something to show you. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

a Kimberly design....

a.k.a. Kimberly Crum .... several years ago ... I decided to leave the charted world for an indefinite time.  I loved it but sales were not what they needed to be.  Knitting had become the new favorite and even painted canvas was taking a hit.  So I 'retired'.  

In 2005 I went to work for The Needle Works here in Austin, Texas.  Being back around all the thread and canvas was a nice feeling and I took on the task of writing stitch guides for painted canvas sold through the shop.  It's given me many opportunities to explore new ideas and meet many different stitchers.  

On my off time I started to draw again.  In an earlier post I showed you some of my work from the 70's/80's.  I began to acquire a vast array of colored pencils and markers.  I discovered on line marketing and dabbled.  It was fun and I was enjoying myself.  I have quite a collection of illustrations for card art from this period of time.  

This brings me around to the now of my life.  All that card art is slowly inching it's way out of my head and onto canvas.  Circle of life so to speak.  The banner at the top of this blog was a card I drew the week before my daughters wedding three years ago.  I'm thinking I'd like to paint it even larger for a pillow.  Of course, still working full evenings are just not enough time to do 'all the stuff in my head'!  I may have to start making lists...anyone that really knows me....knows this is not a forte for me.  I'm big on post it's that live in my jeans pockets.  

Pictured below is a piece I created back in '98.  It was one of my most popular designs, titled appropriately enough, 'Evolve'....

"Evolve" a Kimberly design copyright 1998

Monday, September 24, 2012

the stuff in my head....

when there is time enough, that stuff comes out onto the canvas. Then sometimes...there needs to be a request to get the wheels moving in another direction.  

While I'm having a blast painting/creating/stitching/finishing the biscornus for the club starting oh so soon...a break is sometimes needed. [designing fabric for Swirling Hearts today]

The sweet lady that cuts my hair...a Needle Works customer...has been stitching up a storm to make ornaments/mini socks for a tree that is 'just for me'...her tree started out small but has now become a taller tree and needed a tree top angel to fit.  I told her to let me see what I could come up with.  Below is Angie Angel.  

What's in a name...I grew up with a crazy metal art angel on the top of our tree...her name was Angie. I think Mom acquired her while we were living in France.  I have a box in the attic of French metal/glass ornaments...all beautiful but all in pretty sad shape.  Maybe some of them can be given a new life on canvas as well.  Hmmmm....

'Angie Angel' 

While out yesterday picking up a new stash of Chai Tea at The Steeping Room here in Austin.  I just had to wander through Anthropologie as well.  I love that place...color overload for me and I love the sale room.  Recently dropped my favorite fruit bowl in the sink....went to pieces.  Would have cost me four times what this cute shallow cup with handle for holding on dearly cost.  Love crackled glazes.  A new notebook...I write down little bits I see along the way that click with my space.  And of course, absolutely needed a couple new cloth anyone else like me...they have to be totally shot before I toss them out.  

Lastly....but foremost in my head...progress on the 'Paisley Biscornu'!  Actually have more accomplished but not photographed yet.  Will post again when I have the fabric for 'Swirling Hearts' finished. 

Paisley Biscornu'

Friday, September 14, 2012

this past week is a blur!

Interesting week ... what I can remember of it!  Unbelievable how quickly it flew past me.  Some stitching, but not enough to post yet...some art...few nights where sleep was totally elusive...and a beautiful end of week rain!  
On an up note...I feel like last weekend is running into this one.  Sort of nice.  Offering of art below to start your weekend off.  Have a great one!

Portion of a larger piece....titled 'Movement' shown here in color.  Below is a b/w version.

Baby Cardinal ... photo by Corliss Englert.

I call this 'Nest' amazing what you can do with brads found in the scrap book isle.

'Movement' b/w with yellow sun accents in background.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My holiday...

...was spent at my drawing table.  It was wonderful.  
art by Kimberly Smith/Green Peak Studio
"Knot Garden" painted!
This evening was spent designing the fabric for the 'Swirling Hearts' Biscornu.  Nothing to see just yet.  The stitching is complete...just waiting patiently for moi to get it's backing designed.  

I recently viewed a beaded Circular Jessica....soooo cool...and I think it might be the perfect center for 'Swirling Hearts'!