Friday, May 31, 2013


It amazes me how quickly time passes.  I set a goal for myself several years ago to not rush through each day.  To not look at the clock continually, to smile 'a lot', to listen and hear all said to me without contemplating my next part in the conversation.  This last probably being the biggest challenge. 

So here I am, tomorrow is already June 1 and I only have one more Biscornu to finish stitching & assemble, paint & write the stitch guide for.  Where did the last six months go?

Below is Lily Pond, its peaceful to me as I think of a real lily pad floating quietly on still waters.  They're all blooming should go take pictures maybe...
'Lily Pond' Biscornu 
six in a series of seven designs
by a Kimberly design©2013
'Lily Pond' quiet bliss
a Kimberly design©2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

keeping it fun...

Me and Johnny Bravo hard at work here.  

This guy has lived on my desk devotedly for years,
makes me smile.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Several ducks!  The lakes here are abundant with feathered friends.  My darling daughter took this picture, her caption....

"Mom getting to know the locals."
These quackers were adorable.  We had just parked across the street and before I had one foot out of the car, they were chatting us up, stepping off the curb into traffic!  Luckily people around here know this to be an all to often occurrence.  Traffic stopped, we rushed across and they followed still chatting us up.  I will definitely have something to give them next time.  

After several visits...finally a Mandarin.
Courtesy of Whitney's fine photography capture.  Yay!
These little guys were very camera shy.

A lot of nesting going on, we counted three eggs in this gals nest.  Dad was patrolling closely. more birds for a while.  More finished Biscornu soon!  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

nice when a plan comes together...

The fabric arrived and YES! it's perfect.  Sometimes this is a 2nd/3rd try kind of thing, so maybe I'm getting better at this color matching.  My screen shot looks great, then the fabric comes and the color is so very wrong.  Now I design, print, tweak, print, tweak more....print again.  Then submit, say a prayer, maybe a few, and wait for the mail to deliver the perfect piece.  

Lily Pond Biscornu with fabric
a Kimberly design ©2013
Can you believe we're looking at June here!  There is that swooshing noise again, time flies!

My sweet Mom was wanting a Bottlebrush bush .  She was so excited to find the above at the market one Saturday morning.  I kept looking at it, wondering why it didn't look like the one I'd had a few years ago, another yard, another life.  
So we started researching on the web.  Turns out this is a Fairyduster, we love it!  
About a day or so before Mother's Day it started putting forth all these little raspberry looking pods.  Mother's Day morning, Voila!  It was covered with little fuchsia powder puffs. How fun to go out and find all this color.  

I love elephants!  I especially love them when they are gifts!  My darling daughter gave this very special tea cup to me for Mom's Day.  It's a Jonathan Adler, see me smiling.  
It's happily taking up residence most days on the red table by the purple stitching chair.  Just one of the many Smile Spots I've created in my cozy nest here.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Isn't he awesome.

Can you see it?

Proud parents. 

Papa was so puffed...reminds me of my Swan below.
[card design adapting to canvas soon]
a Kimberly design©2012

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I know, it's Wednesday already!

I started a part time job & work on Mondays.  So posting just flew out of my mind.  I do have something to show.  Guess I should go take a picture of it, huh?  

Almost ready for finishing.  Just need that centerpiece.
Lily Pond Biscornu
a Kimberly design ©2013

Couched wire and beading.  I love effects that are so very cool without  losing your mind  in the doing.
a Kimberly design ©2013

Little gold picots, I stared at these gold dots for a good while, then Voila!
a Kimberly design ©2013

I had a hard time cutting this up, would have made a great table cloth.
Paisley Biscornu Fabric design
a Kimberly design ©2013