Thursday, March 4, 2021

dipping my toe ...

Getting back out there is going to be a slow, 
steady process.
The flying part was stressful. 
Just no two ways about it.

The teaching part, 

I had a small class of socially distanced students.
The class was a complete departure from the norm.

Why NOT? You could say I'm just rolling with it! 

I presented the idea of a 
"Choose Your Own Journey" 
class platform to the owners of 
The Needle Works
last February and I'm infinitely glad for it.

The perimeters were that each student 
choose a piece from my line available through 

Each student came to class with 
their own set of questions. 
I was there for three days to work 
through all of them 
with each student. 

Total immersion!

They loved it! 
They loved setting the pace! 
As a result,
the pace was casual and
they all learned from each other.

If I'd taught a project class... 
Completely different, 
I have a schedule of what needs to 
be covered during class time, 
when best to do it and
how long we'll spend on each section. 
Which is great and 
the way I am use to teaching. 
Now, I have two
ways to teach and I am 
a happy camper doing both!

Images of threads displayed at The Needle Works in Austin, TX

is thread heaven!

Fabulous classroom, this was taken
before opening, it was so well
organized and peaceful.
I had to document it.

Any of you that have worked one of my painted
canvas guided designs... 
well, you know I love texture.
Which I often accomplish with beautiful 
One of my students focused completely on 
this for most of the first day.
Her piece had three different bullions with 
three different threads.
Above is her practice canvas, 
this woman was determined!
By George, I think she's got it!

They are all smiling under those mask!!
Some of the stitches taught were,
pulled work needle weaving, sequin application, 
string art, ribbon embroidery, 
applique, copper mesh wings,
I also showed them how I finish and frame.

Keep an eye out for a repeat of this 
class platform next year.

Back home and after taking Mum for her 
second covid shot and finally getting an
appointment for my first ...
I have resumed work on my painting
for the 
FLOWERS! Florida in Art show 
coming up.
Opening will be June 11.
[I'll post again before then]

Every line of my Passion Flower
is fine line brush work. One of my
favorite ways to ART!