Monday, June 25, 2012


I had a great time out in the Texas heat yesterday morning shopping local fabric stores.  I was on the hunt for lining fabric for my new purse!  I finished the stitching a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to shop.
So when I found myself with some extra time yesterday a.m. I took off!  First I went to The Common Thread and found a peaceful oasis of color .  I left with a yard of beautiful rayon with a tone on tone design that matches the jade green in my purse exactly.  And of course, a Dragonfly button I couldn't continue the day without.
Second I zipped down and around the corner to The Stitch Lab Here I found a riot of color squeezed into the cutest bungalow.  They teach many classes but one in particular draws many of their young stitchers to The Needle Works for fine wool to do crewel embroidery.  
Of course, I left here with a wild print that upon checking out I found to be a Kaffe Fasset print, the man does everything!  I first met him at a lecture in Rochester, NY....too many years ago...neither of us were sporting silver hair back then.  I was a knitter back then...and did not want to knit with that many colors but knew immediately that I would definitely stitch with that many.  His excitement about color was indeed contagious to this mind.  
Now to make a decision....I want to use both!

These little yellow flowers also had to come home
with me from the  Stitch Lab.

My Desert Flower is full of blooms!
Beautiful way to start the day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

a full weekend...

My weekends start after work on Saturdays...this weekend by the time Sunday evening rolled around I'd accomplished so much I thought it was over!  Only for an instant mind you!  Realizing how full the day had been and that I still had all of Monday was very nice.  So naturally, I stitched and worked on the fabric design for the newly finished Mardi Gras Biscornu.

This is how I work at home...stitch and graph.
Johnny Bravo checking it all out from a distance...
The fabric for backing has been designed & ordered
Crossing my fingers that the color and size all work.
The Butterfly Biscornu took three tries.
Just a glimpse of the Knot those corners & borders.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Borders & Corners....

I love stitching borders and's like magic!