Monday, July 26, 2021

No Fear...

 One day during a class I was teaching,

a student said to me...

'you're just not afraid to try anything'

This statement now floats through my brain often.

I don't think I ever thought of it as a 

'no fear'

approach to designing.

I tend to go after whatever will give me

the result I have visualized in my head.

So maybe no fear but there is way more 

to it than that.

For instance...

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

I'm presently working on 
'Marbles Two'
My brain has been of two minds...
this piece should be similar to Marbles One
How to make it different and challenge 
my students to think out of the box.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

Dorset Buttons... you can search them

for cool 'how to' videos.

Cut Turkeywork...

because I couldn't find the right fluffy

thread to cheat with.

The picture above show the canvas

off the frame. You have to bend

your canvas to get the perfect angles

to trim and trim and trim and..

remember it doesn't grow back.

This is where the 'no fear'  stitching

comes to in. It's just thread, if you cut off

too much, you may have to re stitch it.

Just trim little bit by little bit to sculpt 

what I'm calling the donut.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

More than having 'no fear'...
you have to be willing to put the time into
your work. I started this 'donut' 
yesterday morning about ten...
eleven hours later,
I added the last of the 'sprinkles'
to the center.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

Maybe it is 'no fear' or maybe
it's knowing that I want a certain look
I'm not afraid to put in the time
to achieve it.

Have a fabulous week!

P. S. This design will be a class at 
in Atlanta, Georgia
August 2022!