Friday, January 20, 2017

where life takes us...
I may have been about 4+ here.  
This was our passport picture.  
We were off to France 
with my Dad and the Air Force.
Mom had never flown! 
Let alone across the ocean with a
precocious child and a baby!!
Found this while digging for photos last night and
it afforded me a blog title ... so many adventures.
What a journey this Magic Carpet has afforded me.
Early beginnings.
Finished and looking fairly organized.
Not so much these days!
This blog has taken me on a few adventures.
The above photo is courtesy of a special client.
What an honor to paint this
on the wall of this beautiful home.
... and now, it's available
on either 18ct or 13ct painted canvas!!
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram,
you've seen my stitching progress
on the 13ct version.  It's to be a bench
cushion in my studio.
A place for my precocious
granddaugther to perch ...
or our newest addition,
a grandson to come this summer!
OR ... it can be yours!!
Next up ... want to learn how to make Kumihimo Braid???
I make these for all my purse designs, for me, they're perfect.
This is my Mod Ornament Purse.

Pictured above and below with my 
Mid Century Modern Purse©
 I'll be teaching this for 
as a POP UP class!
We're teaming up to run 
Studio Time
at the shop on the 
last Wednesday of each month.
[click on the shop name for more details]
Awe ... he's the sweetest,
always has my back.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

it's all about the bug...

There is still time to sign up for the
Cyber Class,
you know you want to learn how to do
this border stitch...
and play with copper mesh ... 
I used many fun and different 
techniques and stitches made up
out of my head on this colorful & fun design.
Click for all the details to sign up!
or call (410) 296-0405
or email
Super fun border!
The bottom border is a blast.
Stitch along with us via cyber space!
Looking forward to having you join me
in your very own favorite stitching spot at home.
Isn't technology great!