Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall !!

... how cool is it that I just happen to be working on 
at the beginning of fall !
Building a leaf ...
love raised stem and layering with a
touch of sparkle
for my inner magpie.
Fun to create movement with my stitchy mind !
More texture and movement on this pretty
fall colored gold leaf.
Awesome fall light play on my Magic Carpet!

class time is 
November 12 & 13 !
at the
The Black Sheep Shop
Orlando, Florida
Click the link or call Anne at
407 . 894 . 0444

Next month is ...
"My Castle, My Dragon"
Class time is
October 8 & 9 !!
also at
The Black Sheep Shop!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

there ready!

A few new pieces!
In time for the Dallas Market!
This "PEACE"
has been in my stash of designs for awhile.
Originally a special request, now available for all.
This was my original, made into
a computer bag for moi!
The tie dye may be different on
yours but the special
Peace Sign stitch I did will be the same.
The guide has peace throughout!
Love this bag!!
Mid Century Sophisticated!
How I do this ...
not sure if others follow
a similar path but
this works for me when
a piece is stitch painted.
MOST of mine are ...
I needed a Christmas Purse!
Maybe YOU do too!
I call this my
"Mod Ornament Purse"
Stitched and beaded,
Kumihimo strap made ...
I just need to find that perfect fabric.
Just a few beads!