Friday, April 16, 2021

process... journey... adventure

 When my daughter was small, she was gifted a 

talking teddy bear, he was all about 'adventure'.

To this day I hear his little recorded voice when I

talk about adventure. 

The voice was so full of 


My life continues to be a journey 

with adventure around many corners.

Hope for a new balance now is huge!

Below are progress shots of my newest design.

Sure to be an adventure when I start pulling

fibers and stitching. 

This all happened because Ruth posted 
these cool glass beads she'd discovered on line. 
That same evening I went down a 
rabbit hole looking at 
beautiful glass beads on line.

I felt a need to DO something and started to draw. 
My all time favorite way to ART. 
The drawings became paintings and one
 of the paintings became Marbles One.
Now, let me introduce you to Marbles Two!

It is an adventure and sometimes a struggle 
to decide how to paint a piece 
for you to stitch. 
I have to make my brain think about 
how the piece will be interpreted with a 
plethora of different fibers and beads.
I also have to think about how 
to make what's in my head
translate in the written word to you.
Luckily now, I can take a zillion photos
to use in my guides along 
with numbered charts.
thank you to those that edit my words 
for each stitch guide I compose. 
They have become very
proficient at taking out my awful grammar 
but not the conversation 
I hold with you the stitcher.

Ta-Da!! Flowing or rolling into
'Marbles Two'
As a kid, the front yard of my grade school
became a marble playing arena.
I still have my crown royal bag of 
marbles with one steely!
Most of the girls played jacks,
a rebel from the start, I liked
marbles way better.

On a side note...
I love to read, 
I love illustrated children's books.
This morning I popped into my favorite
local book store to pick up a new treasure.
Of course, I came home with two!
A book full of illustrated Faeries and 
one of illustrated stories.
IF you're ever in Central Florida
Lakeland specifically...
you simply must visit this 
wonderful little treasure shop.
owned by the equally colorful
Sandi Silverman

I'm all about being a mischievous fairy. 
This is currently under construction, two pages
of hand written decorative stitching ideas to 
get into the computer and diagram. 
Stay tuned.