Wednesday, March 2, 2022

where do you get your ideas from...

That would be the most asked question ever.
Do I have a straight answer, nope.
Here is the tale of one design and how it came
to be...
"Floral Abstract"
As most people know, whether you
have children or not... the best toy is
When my daughter had my grandchildren,
she passed this love of boxes on by 
helping them to create grand castles
out of them. 
....and once in a while when Mimi is around
she helps decorate the outside with crazy drawings.

original Abstract Floral box drawing

Original box drawing of
'Abstract Floral'
something told me I'd 
better take a picture of it.

Black and White version of Abstract Vase

First it became a pen and ink.
I love this version too, it's framed 
on my wall.
[prints available]

Transferring Abstract Floral to 18ct canvas,

I use a pale blue Ultra Fine Sharpie
to transfer the design to 18ct canvas.

Abstract Floral vellum color play

I often lay a sheet of vellum over the
drawn canvas to experiment with
what color to paint. 
This one went way wrong on the 
first try. 

Abstract Floral painted canvas by

And we have paint, at this point the master
of the canvas is sent to my lovely friend and
distributor Ruth Schmuff of
Bedecked and Beadazzled
She enters all the details into her database, then
sends this baby off to the painting service in California.
From there it travels overseas to the 
painters for reproduction.
This typically takes several weeks...
pre zombie apocalypse.
aka... the pandemic.
Everything will eventually 
be caught back up, in the meantime...
you have to go with the flow and
exercise patience.

Abstract Floral, hand painted needlepoint canvas original by

...and when you do, just look at what happens!
'Abstract Floral' Fini!
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this one 
come to life through my needle and thread.
....and wrapped wire and silk wrapped beads
and silk thread and silk ribbon,
and some sparkly thread too.
Of course, beading... there are always beads
and bullions!

This fabulous piece is on display at
Chandail Needleworks
in Houston.
I will be there in April to 
teach a workshop on 
all the beautiful stitches 
and threads I used 
to bring this piece to life.
You can call the shop or 
sign up on line.
I would love to see you there!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022


 Here I sit...

It's a Wednesday and I've already accomplished a ton 

for the week but in comparison to others...

it could look like very little.  

The floors need to be mopped... still.

I've been at one with my sketchbook

 and enjoyed every minute, 

sent out a newsletter yesterday full of information.

Maybe the hmmmm... is just normal February ick.

Package I was watching for that 

the 'informed' post said was here yesterday

was not. Truly hope it appears today.

This is what's in said package along with a fun pile 
of threads that Ruth pulled for Moi.
This is my NEXT project.
As any fiberist knows... starting a new piece is
sooooooo exciting.
This is for a June Zoom with
Bedecked and Beadazzled.

I've recently finished the 
tutorials, which have all been
loaded to one place on YouTube.
Here's the link...

Recent finishes!

'Abstract Floral'
this will debut in April at
[class sign ups are open]

'Marbles Two'
this will debut in August at
[class sign ups are open]

This is dancing through my head for
a painted canvas at some point.
Many possibilities....
'It Takes A Village'

Thursday, December 16, 2021

ahhh December ...

 ... it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Halls Decked out for 2021

This is a one of a kind piece for Moi. 
I started this about eleven years ago, 
needed an evening project 
and Voila! a finish. 
I'd like to have it finished as a 3D stand up boot... 
maybe it could hold the all important 
candy canes for the hot cocoa. 

a virtual online
Join in anytime.
I started launching tutorials 
about a week ago to my
Instagram and Facebook feeds.
I'm aiming for each Wednesday and Friday to 
post a lesson. There will be twelve altogether.
YOU can join anytime, 
the canvas, stitch guide by Moi and thread kits 
are ready to ship. 

[that being the royal we... which means Ruth Schmuff
my team mate in the needlework 
design life for maybe 30years now!!] 
has put together 35 beautiful packages for the 
We've sold many but still have some available 
and more on order. 
Trying for the unheard of 
'No Waiting' 
in todays
crazy world!

Marbles Two
 debuts in
 August 2022 
[sign ups will open soon]

Next... thank goodness there is always a NEXT!!
This is called
Abstract Floral 
 and it will debut at
in Houston
April 2022!

Happy Holidaze 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


The word 'Journey' comes up in my
conversation often.
Of late, even more.

Last weekend my friend and fellow artisan,
Marcia Morse-Mullins 
invited me over to learn a technique she
was calling 'Knotless Netting' or Looping.

She'd worked it around a rock and I was
all about learning how to do this.
I think my brain was all about 
revisiting my younger hippie.
Why NOT!

So, I showed up with two orders of
fish tacos and a bottle of our 
favorite red blend.

She instructs me to take this 
linen thread 
3x's around
this fabulous moonstone 
[my favorite rock ever]
she'd provided for me.
Then I was to take a threaded
needle over the wrap and through the 
'loop' and continue around.

This is the point where I began
laughing at myself loudly.
In my world this stitch is called
'detached buttonhole'.

And... I use to teach it from 
coast to coast in my 
tassel making classes.


Below is an example of another
way to work this crazy stitch.
I saw it, screen shot it,
and now can not find where to give credit.

But do not be surprised to see it 
pop up in a present design I've 
been a bit stumped on.

YOU just NEVER know 
what will inspire 
your next adventure
in stitching.

This woman was a driving force for me.
Sue Jennings
aka. Auntie Sue

Her journey here was an 
adventurous one for sure
and now, I'm positive 
 is on another.

She will always be close by 
in my heart. My deepest 
sympathies to her family.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Nine

'The Nine'
I recently posted these on social media...
the reaction was pretty fabulous. 

So I thought they deserved a new blogspot 
about their creation.

The Nine, original designs by

Small pieces that are a quick stitch and 
might teach you a new technique.
That was how these started and 
morphed into a wall of art
that could be a visual trigger 
for future canvases.

Books are great, 
but I'm extremely visual.
I want to see how it looks in thread.
When I first started working on painted canvases...
I didn't always visualize how a stitch would 
work in a given space.
Sometimes... I still don't.
Then you are required to do a little reverse work.
rip rip rip
do over

Tree of Life, original design

'Tree of Life'
This piece has been very
popular. It highlights so many
different stitches. Plus the split 
background intrigues many.
You'll learn applique, 
several types of ribbon work, 
and bullions!

Yes! I'm Special, original design

'Yes! I'm Special'
I taught this a couple of years ago for
Blue Bonnet Studio in Houston.
John Sinton loved popping into 
the class room announcing the name
and then loving the laughter.

Turkey work, blending silk on it's head, 
but the main focus is layers of needle
weaving topped with crystals.
And another crazy background 
with String Art.

Movement, original design by

This is being taught at
[still taking sign ups! tap link above]

This one features kid leather applique,
bullions with velvet, 
couched silk wrapped 
pearl purl and gimp.

Caps 'N Curls, original design by

'Caps 'N Curls'
This one glistens. The caps are 
stitched in layers with 
appliqued organza that is 
then overstitched for 
more depth.

My Castle, original design

'My Castle'
Where to begin, this one is
beadazzled. Basic stitches with
laid silk, over stitched for neat 
shading effects. Sequins in the 
flower garden. String art for the 
rooflines and finials.
This was the last one I stitched,
finished during the pandemic.
I'm still getting the guide together.
It will be available soon.

Happy Little Bug, original design

'Happy Little Bug'
This one is just fun. 
Loops of Turkey work with
Silk Straw!, bullions,
sequins and beading.

Bubbles, original design

Cut work needle weaving plays 
across the top of this design.
Brick beading, over the shaded
water, patterned sequins for the 
body via basketweave.
Ribbon ruffles with French Knots.

Curly Flower, original design by

'Curly Flower'
So much texture, ribbon work 
with piles of uncut turkey work in the
center. This piece features a thread that
is now extinct! So frustrating when 
companies off a magical thread.
Now... you'll learn how to wrap
floral wire to achieve the same look.

Leaves, original design

Like a small sampler of stitching.
Each leaf is different.
From applique with surface
embroidery, raised stem, 
needle weaving, and some
detached buttonhole.
And always my favorite...

Order any of the above
through my distributor at

aKimberlydesign logo,





Monday, July 26, 2021

No Fear...

 One day during a class I was teaching,

a student said to me...

'you're just not afraid to try anything'

This statement now floats through my brain often.

I don't think I ever thought of it as a 

'no fear'

approach to designing.

I tend to go after whatever will give me

the result I have visualized in my head.

So maybe no fear but there is way more 

to it than that.

For instance...

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

I'm presently working on 
'Marbles Two'
My brain has been of two minds...
this piece should be similar to Marbles One
How to make it different and challenge 
my students to think out of the box.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

Dorset Buttons... you can search them

for cool 'how to' videos.

Cut Turkeywork...

because I couldn't find the right fluffy

thread to cheat with.

The picture above show the canvas

off the frame. You have to bend

your canvas to get the perfect angles

to trim and trim and trim and..

remember it doesn't grow back.

This is where the 'no fear'  stitching

comes to in. It's just thread, if you cut off

too much, you may have to re stitch it.

Just trim little bit by little bit to sculpt 

what I'm calling the donut.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

More than having 'no fear'...
you have to be willing to put the time into
your work. I started this 'donut' 
yesterday morning about ten...
eleven hours later,
I added the last of the 'sprinkles'
to the center.

a Kimberly design copyright 2021

Maybe it is 'no fear' or maybe
it's knowing that I want a certain look
I'm not afraid to put in the time
to achieve it.

Have a fabulous week!

P. S. This design will be a class at 
in Atlanta, Georgia
August 2022!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What isn't up !?

 The end of May pretty much slid into June. 
By mid June I felt like it should be July!

Crazy life full of wonder. 
Trip to see my grandchildren, trip to 
Houston to teach my piece,
Father and Son.
The following weekend I had an art 
opening one night and Zoom classes
starting the next morning for my 
Transformation piece.
Since I seem to thrive on this behavior, 
I'm not complaining.

I made a big step about a month ago 
to retire from working outside
of my home. No more part time job, 
I'm now full time ART!

My new 'boss' is very demanding!
Guide writing in the morning,
studio time in the afternoon...
both run into the evening hours!

Loving it all!

My next in person class is in November in 
Chicago with the guild there.
It’s already full! 
So exciting as I get to see my long time 
friend Libby Sturdy 
and reconnect with another friend 
from my needlepoint beginnings 
back in New England, 
Jennifer Shekaran! 
She happens to be living in 
Chicago and is great friends 
with Libby, this world just 
keeps getting smaller. 
The project is 
'Tree of Life' 
from my original 
five by five series.  

NEXT live is in Sugarland, Texas!
is back and raring to go!
[click on the link and scroll down]

I have two pieces for you to choose from...

'Santa Up Close'
He's 8" square with lots of fun stitching, of course!
from my five by five series.
This one features appliqued kid leather, 
couched gimp and silk wrapped purl.

I can't say enough great things about this 
stitching retreat put on by 
MaryAlice Sinton and husband John.
They are the best and most organized.
And... they treat us like gold!

So let us get back out there
stitching together again!