Thursday, December 16, 2021

ahhh December ...

 ... it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Halls Decked out for 2021

This is a one of a kind piece for Moi. 
I started this about eleven years ago, 
needed an evening project 
and Voila! a finish. 
I'd like to have it finished as a 3D stand up boot... 
maybe it could hold the all important 
candy canes for the hot cocoa. 

a virtual online
Join in anytime.
I started launching tutorials 
about a week ago to my
Instagram and Facebook feeds.
I'm aiming for each Wednesday and Friday to 
post a lesson. There will be twelve altogether.
YOU can join anytime, 
the canvas, stitch guide by Moi and thread kits 
are ready to ship. 

[that being the royal we... which means Ruth Schmuff
my team mate in the needlework 
design life for maybe 30years now!!] 
has put together 35 beautiful packages for the 
We've sold many but still have some available 
and more on order. 
Trying for the unheard of 
'No Waiting' 
in todays
crazy world!

Marbles Two
 debuts in
 August 2022 
[sign ups will open soon]

Next... thank goodness there is always a NEXT!!
This is called
Abstract Floral 
 and it will debut at
in Houston
April 2022!

Happy Holidaze