Wednesday, February 9, 2022


 Here I sit...

It's a Wednesday and I've already accomplished a ton 

for the week but in comparison to others...

it could look like very little.  

The floors need to be mopped... still.

I've been at one with my sketchbook

 and enjoyed every minute, 

sent out a newsletter yesterday full of information.

Maybe the hmmmm... is just normal February ick.

Package I was watching for that 

the 'informed' post said was here yesterday

was not. Truly hope it appears today.

This is what's in said package along with a fun pile 
of threads that Ruth pulled for Moi.
This is my NEXT project.
As any fiberist knows... starting a new piece is
sooooooo exciting.
This is for a June Zoom with
Bedecked and Beadazzled.

I've recently finished the 
tutorials, which have all been
loaded to one place on YouTube.
Here's the link...

Recent finishes!

'Abstract Floral'
this will debut in April at
[class sign ups are open]

'Marbles Two'
this will debut in August at
[class sign ups are open]

This is dancing through my head for
a painted canvas at some point.
Many possibilities....
'It Takes A Village'