Thursday, April 20, 2017


Our quiet little town here in central Florida 
is known for it's beautiful lakes.
One features many many different types of swans.
AND ... they are presently having babies!
Beautiful little cygnets of soft fuzzy gray.
Proud Papa to the right.
Sweet new family.
I actually drew this card art before moving here.
Now a canvas in my line that I would love to
find the time to stitch....
I see that back wing in raised stem...
the front in stump work....
chipped purl for the sparkle in the water...
beads...couched silk....
oh for more time!
Canvas is available through
Bedecked and

Friday, April 14, 2017


I'm teaching these 'Little Bits of String'
in Orlando.
The possibilities are endless!
Colors of thread, types of thread,
different colored canvas to stitch upon 
... and we can't forget beads!
I could go on forever ...
Whipped up this combination the other day!
"Little Bit of String One"
"Little Bit of String"
One, Two, & Three
Classes are on the second Saturday
and last Wednesday of each month.
Call for details
407 . 894 . 0444
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thinking spring ....

 Summer is already here in the South!
I miss spring showing up in tiny little flowers ...
such as Lily of the Valley & Violas! 
I miss all the bulbs too, like Daffodils!
Tulips & Iris ...
So here is a bit of spring time stitching for you,
because I'm missing the above so much!
"Little Lamb"
Order through your local needle point shop
via Bedecked and Beadazzled.
My kind of spring time flowers stretching up to the
warm spring time sunshine ...
This piece is just full of flowers!
Painted canvas with stitch guide by moi!
Available through your LNS, click on the name for details.
How does your garden grow ...