Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy Life!

This blog has been mostly ignored so far this year.
There have been many wonderful days but not
much that I can post.  Secrets are fun and frustrating.
Soon, you'll see some of the behind the scenes work
that has been going on in the studio.
In the meantime, here is a look into my world 
over the past year.
New Years Eve Attitude January 2017
Starting the year off just a
tad colorful.
Working ....
Working ....

REALLY, I'm working ...
This was a sneak peek at 
the September Class below.
Mom and I traveled North to
celebrate someones third birthday!
What a treat to have all four generations together.
We had tea in Peekskill, NY one day.
My ninth Great Grandfather 
Jan Peeck founded this town.
Frangipani blooming with a full moon.
Sadly, this bit the dust between a 
hurricane and
three days of sustained frosty days.
So glad to have pictures.
Never forgetting to look up and take it all in.
Home for my birthday and time 
with special friends.
Here Lisa and I are by the 
Susquehanna River.
Love this place, 
it will always be home.
Someone became a sister in June!!
I know I'm prejudice, this picture to me, 
shows this child's
beauty shining from within.
Oh my goodness, 
how amazing grandchildren are!
Eclipse ....
Always remembering to take it all in, I hope.
Being present ....
Chance, the cat, and myself evacuated 
to my brothers
place in Tampa to sit out Irma.  
Thankfully, she fell apart
before reaching us.  
As the eye passed over us, I'd never heard
so many frogs croaking in my life.  
I grew up in the country, this was
way more nosy.  
Those guys were shouting their relief!
Thankfully I was not too blown away 
by the hurricane as shortly
there after, as in two days ... 
I flew to Baltimore to teach.
Still with most of my Marbles.
Toured Fort McHenry while there.  I know,
I take 'off' the wall' pictures.  The brick work
fascinated me ... lines, circles, dots ....
... and the aquarium in Baltimore as well  
They were featuring a Jellyfish show.  
These are actually plastic art hanging over
the cafeteria area in the building. Captivating.
More amazing friends. I am so blessed.
Far left is Michelle Robets Thomas, now owner of
Swalebrook Gallery that hosted my first solo show.
With us are Dawn, Stewart and Teena,
all very long time friends that hold my heart.
Photo collage of show.  This opened more
doors for this artist.
A wonderful Christmas closed out last year.
My son was in town to help us celebrate