Thursday, February 11, 2021

Catch Me Up!

To say there is no moss growing here,
would be an understatement.
A busy bee I have been.

At the end of last year I decided to enter a local show
featuring 'Found Objects',

Since I have a few, 
my brain was formulating a 
design where not only 
could I use a few of these objects but
I could also play with some new to me fibers.
A win win. 
Sadly, it did not get a mention in the 
show but the other piece I entered did.
So Yay and Yay!
Since I truly enjoyed working this design, 
it is getting
it's moment to shine here.

'Wire and Rock'
original, one of a kind
for purchase, inquire at

Happy Christmas to Moi!
I am blessed to have a very talented circle of friends.
Kimberly Miller being one of those, I absolutely 
love her work. Saw this sculpture and had to have it!
Check out her work here...

My long time friend and distributor, 
Ruth Schmuff is fabulous at
having my belt designs made up into wearable art.
The belt designs are great carry around projects. 

If you're needing a 
'stuff in your bag stitch and go project',
here's the link.

A couple of sweet central Florida towns away 
from me is Lake Wales. 

is housed here in the most beautiful building
 with a rich history.
But before I get carried off in that story...
they have a beautiful gallery too 
and a fabulous director, Amanda McCallister, 
who is doing a fantastic job of scheduling 
shows and classes.
[click on the name to read all about it]

The above piece is for a show coming up in March.
The show will feature art made during the pandemic.
I chose to do a piece focused on hope.
My 'Dove of Peace' mask is wrapping our planet
with it's soft wings of healing energies.

If you are in the area, come see the show.

I have my brain focused on this event next.
[along with many other projects...classes and zooms]
Studio time is shortly going to be devoted to
painting this glorious Passion Flower.
I shot this at the end of 2019 while strolling
the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. I did not 
know I'd have a chance to render it and be in 
such a wonderful show.
There is a Facebook page you can follow
for peeks at what all the artists are up to.

Planning and plotting...
Above is me visiting my beginnings in the 
needlework industry. I have been asked to teach
a beginner class in needlepoint several times.

Since I'm not one for working little squares 
of different stitches, I designed the above piece.
'Beginner with a Twist'
We start in the very center with a square of Tent 
stitch and build out with decorative stitches.
At the end, we circle back to that center square
to work my favorite type of stitching.
String Art over the Tented square.
No way will you be bored learning to
needlepoint different stitches with this design.
It is simply painted to guide in direction 
on 13 count canvas.
I'll announce dates and times when they 
materialize. We are still being very careful
to socially distance. Since this has to be an
'in person' class, we'll just have to
 practice patience.

Just to expand my knowledge...
My friend and artist
Sherry Ross and I periodically 
spend a Saturday here and there 'Arting'.
One of those was spent exploring Gouache Paint.
I had read that you could draw on top of
it's velvety finish. This was a huge 
deal to Moi, as I love color and as you
know, I LOVE line!

Love the colorful sunsets 
through my 
small studio window.