Monday, May 20, 2019

Progress report....

It's getting there!
Spring crops are growing on my canvas!

This piece is slated for 
a needlepoint adventure 2020!
Call 334 . 270 . 0064
or click the link below
for sign up information.
Wait until you see what I do with those
crazy shaped pink fields!
Couched Gimp from
Painters Thread
edged these beautifully
shaped gardens!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

So I did this thing ....

I entered my super ginormous free form
into a local fine art show ....
and they said 'yes'!
I also entered the original painting of
"Flying Jewels"
and they said 'yes' to it too!!!
How awesome is that!?!

The place: 
Florida Southern College
111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.
Lakeland, Florida
Time: May 10th through June 7th
Opening Reception
Friday evening May 10, 6:30 to 8:30
If you're in town, 
I hope to see you there.
Before we put the ... ahem ...
museum glass over these lovelies,
I had some camera fun.
Ready for their close up.
I have a load of fun when I'm unleashed.
I wrapped strips of mat board
with 7mm River Silk
for these stems!
Perfect landing....
This was the original drawing for
what we affectionately call

'the big bug'.
It took me awhile to actually get it painted, it lived
as a pencil on canvas drawing for some time.
"Flying Jewels"

Just for kicks .... here you can see just
how ginormous this piece is compared
to Moi!
It was a challenge that I want
many more times.

A big thank you to 
Carolyn's Frame Up
Lakeland, Florida
for the beautiful 
framing of both pieces.