Wednesday, April 20, 2016

square eyeballs...

Computer time ... charting, writing, 
creating new symbols!  
When my kids were little, 
one of them told me I was
going to have square eyeballs from 
too much charting.
notes, notes, notes
Once I sit myself down to it ... 
I thoroughly get into the adventure.
Guiding the beast ....
My Castle, My Dragon©

Pssst .... scheduling class time for June!

Friday, April 15, 2016

"Happy Little Bug"©
Class time is second Saturdays in 
June & July!
Come join us at
The Black Sheep Shop
Color, texture, sparkle, and glitz!
BEADS!! to the rescue.  
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram
you know that I stitched this little bug twice. 
The first version was just 'eh'!
So out came the scissors and
Voila!  Much much better. 
[no you don't get to see the first]
Playing with new to moi fiber.  Big Thank YOU to
Jill Likes  The Needlepointer
for some new toys in the studio!
Stitching begins on "Curly Flower"
next up on my stitching list.
"Caps N Curls"
[right] is down the list but
wow to the color fun I see.
I sat last night writing down ideas for Curly,
so I'm anxious to get started.
Easily distracted....
Sunny window above my desk casting shadows....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

hearing this...

"The colors you use make me happy."
...makes my heart happy too!
Best compliment ever!
Pictured above are...
"Yes, I'm Special"
"Tree of Life"
all three are available through
The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando, Florida
These designs are the first of 'The Nine'
a collection of five by five inch canvases.
Each features an array of different techniques. 
If you're in the area, please join us!
We're offering them as a two Saturday class. 
Lots of instruction, plenty of time between classes
to stitch away and hopefully finish each piece. 
When complete, you'll have a wall of art!
As well as a visual wall of stitches to give you plenty
of ideas for future painted canvas stitch interpretations. 
April 9, this coming weekend we begin the 
Tree of Life