Monday, January 21, 2019

...sharing techniques

My technique for a beaded edge to finish off your beautiful needlepoint.

This is a technique I developed years ago when I did all
charted work and wearable art pins.
The edge of beads provides the perfect folding line.
Use size 11 beads with matching beading thread.
[tip...I always beeswax my beading thread and
I use a short John James ball point size 10 beading needle.]

Follow Step One and Step Two as charted.

Next, trim away excess canvas, leaving about
an inch plus all the away around as in first photo.
Now miter corners and fold in sides.
I lightly press with a warm iron. This does not
require you to mash with the iron, there is 
enough sizing in your canvas that lightly
pressing will hold it in place.

Insert a piece of felt under the folded edges.
This adds some extra depth to the piece and
it hides the folded edges from being seen
through any openness in your work.

 I mount all on covered acid free foam core, 
cut about 1/4" smaller than beaded edge piece.
The center picture above shows the felt
being attached.  I use white glue for this, let 
it dry completely.  The last step is to attach the 
stitched piece to the board. This is accomplished
with clear or white nylon thread. This enables
you to sew through the edges of your piece without
the stitches showing. Sew through piece and just the edge
of the foam covered board.  
Now you can hand this all to your framer to mount 
on a backing board [I use the same white glue for this.]
I came up with this so that there is no glue on my 
needlework! My pieces float beautifully in 
the shadow boxes I use for framing.