Wednesday, March 2, 2022

where do you get your ideas from...

That would be the most asked question ever.
Do I have a straight answer, nope.
Here is the tale of one design and how it came
to be...
"Floral Abstract"
As most people know, whether you
have children or not... the best toy is
When my daughter had my grandchildren,
she passed this love of boxes on by 
helping them to create grand castles
out of them. 
....and once in a while when Mimi is around
she helps decorate the outside with crazy drawings.

original Abstract Floral box drawing

Original box drawing of
'Abstract Floral'
something told me I'd 
better take a picture of it.

Black and White version of Abstract Vase

First it became a pen and ink.
I love this version too, it's framed 
on my wall.
[prints available]

Transferring Abstract Floral to 18ct canvas,

I use a pale blue Ultra Fine Sharpie
to transfer the design to 18ct canvas.

Abstract Floral vellum color play

I often lay a sheet of vellum over the
drawn canvas to experiment with
what color to paint. 
This one went way wrong on the 
first try. 

Abstract Floral painted canvas by

And we have paint, at this point the master
of the canvas is sent to my lovely friend and
distributor Ruth Schmuff of
Bedecked and Beadazzled
She enters all the details into her database, then
sends this baby off to the painting service in California.
From there it travels overseas to the 
painters for reproduction.
This typically takes several weeks...
pre zombie apocalypse.
aka... the pandemic.
Everything will eventually 
be caught back up, in the meantime...
you have to go with the flow and
exercise patience.

Abstract Floral, hand painted needlepoint canvas original by

...and when you do, just look at what happens!
'Abstract Floral' Fini!
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this one 
come to life through my needle and thread.
....and wrapped wire and silk wrapped beads
and silk thread and silk ribbon,
and some sparkly thread too.
Of course, beading... there are always beads
and bullions!

This fabulous piece is on display at
Chandail Needleworks
in Houston.
I will be there in April to 
teach a workshop on 
all the beautiful stitches 
and threads I used 
to bring this piece to life.
You can call the shop or 
sign up on line.
I would love to see you there!

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