Monday, March 31, 2014

did you ever get your needle stuck...

Odd thing for one in the needle work industry to ask ... but I get these ideas and I can't let them go until I fully vet them out!  For two days I've been scouring the internet and bugging locals shops for copper screen. Actually, I found it immediately but I don't happen to need yards nor do I wish to spend a minimum of $75.  

See ... and I'm determined.  I know it's out there and I'm positive some one sells it in smaller portions. Problem is I don't move forward in the interim ... I basketweave instead!  

And watch reruns of silly movies, last night was Captain America 'The First Avenger', yes, loved it.  Thought it a riot that Agent Smith from the Matrix played Schmidt aka Red Skull ... seems he's been typecast although he was pretty amazing as Elrond the Elf King in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogy.  His real name is Hugo Weaving ... so I watch 'Weaving' while basketweaving .... very big grin here.
Love a messy pile of thread to play with ...
actually, it's not as messy as it looks,
none of it is tangled together.
 Watching the negative shapes play across the emerging design is a lot of fun.  Lets face it, I'm easily entertained most of the time ... especially when it comes to color.  For a while it looked like T Rex repeats across the canvas in coral.  Then little birds.
Once upon a time a comment was made.  
'I'd love this design as a belt, Kimberly.'
'Mondays' Belt©
I do listen and retain great ideas
that are often just idle comments thrown out there.
Thank you Carol Eix !
So happy to have fresh spearmint from
the Farmers Market for my tea once again.
Great way to start my day.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I think these amazingly somewhat pre historic looking birds are coolness personified!  So glad we live in the same neighborhood.  Although...they fly off to the coast for the summer months.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First finish....

I've seen so many 'First Finish for 2014' posts on FB and felt way behind each time.  To my credit, I've finished many projects, just not of the stitching type.  Guides have been written for at least three canvases and several new designs drawn up and painted. Made an awesome mobile with my daughter one weekend and have a baby sweater on the needles for my soon to arrive grand baby girl. Yay!  

So below is my actual first 'finish' of the stitchy type.  He was a blast to work up even if the beard did give me a few fits.
'Santa Close Up'©
a Kimberly design©
Fish Eye Turkey Work with Vineyard Classic
First time ever that I've not brushed and cut Turkey Work.
The Classic doesn't need it I'm happy to say.

Next up on the frame is a dragonfly....stumpwork, maybe, almost positive,'s playtime.  Wings that glisten are in my head.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

time changes....

It's a gorgeous day and I'm feeling like a slug.  What I want is to sit quietly with a basket weave piece. Which would require me to 'have' one ready with threads and I, of course, do not!  

I've a lovely piece drawn on canvas ready for painting.  That's what should be my focus...but my messy mind is elsewhere.  

I'm going to totally blame this on the time change.  Speaking of clocks....the one below is amazing.
My daughter took this beautiful shot of the Astronomical Clock in Prague a few years back.  It's one of my favorites of hers.
You can see more of her work here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

happy birthday !
Seven years old today, my constant companion
who supplies daily unconditional love.
Sweet Chance, with a yogurt beard...he loves yogurt!
Plain Greek yogurt, of course.
One more heart design transitioned to canvas, yay!
'Flower Power'
a Kimberly design©
Next up to be painted, another portion of my Dreams piece.  
This one titled 'Dream Glimpse'
a Kimberly design©
His superb version of down dog, perfect alignment.
I've recently returned to taking yoga classes, home practice just isn't enough.  No matter how devoted you are to a home practice, its so nice to be with others in a class once in a while.  So of course, nothing halfway, I've also returned to a tai chi practice, moving meditation, so good to settle my 'messy' mind