Tuesday, November 19, 2013


not the gobble gobble kind.  

There was a question on FB today, 'What is your favorite thread to use for Turkey Work?'  Love it when questions get me thinking on the lines of threads and stitches I really enjoy.  

So here is my favorite...Impressions from The Caron Collection, 2 strands on 18ct canvas.  I've never worked it on 13ct, so no opinion there.  It looks like velvet when finished and it holds up beautifully over time.  

I designed this piece back in 2004!  It's called 'Glitzey'!  I taught it during a market on the west coast.  You should have seen the class room after everyone trimmed their Turkey Work!  I swear there were tufts of turquoise floating down the hall even the next day, but we sure had fun.  The point here is that I pulled this out of a drawer of stitched canvases...the puffs of Turkey Work are still perfect, showing no wear.  How great is that?!

Have fun, don't skimp on thread...i.e. keep loops long.  Easier to trim excess than re stitch!  My loops are usually about a half inch long.  Use a nap/bunka brush to blow the ends of the thread.  To trim, use super sharp tiny pointed scissors, cut little by little trimming outside edges shorter with center area longer to sculpt. Brush more, trim, repeat :-)  Another tip...work areas of this last and trim after you've removed your piece from the stretcher bars/working frame.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm here...

...focused on several projects with posting falling through the cracks.  

I'm stitching like mad, writing guides and of course, there are real life chores to complete always. Holidays are just around the corner and the house is under cleaning quarantine...if there is such a thing. Sure feels like it.  

So, I'm running away to the circus with my cousin!  No worries...I will come back with lots of pictures and more details of my adventure.  

Probably a post in between as I'm not running away just yet.  Life is the adventure you make it!

'Circus Elephant'
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