Sunday, August 25, 2013

a process...

Once a design is stitched, it's time to turn to the computer.  I sometimes drag my feet at this point, but once I've started, it quickly becomes obsessive for me.  Now is when the reminder to get up and move around goes out of my common sense mind and gets lost.
Not the most exciting blog photo but you get the idea.
My dogged assistant 'Sir Chancelot'.  Somehow he manages to squeeze in next to me.  Add a loud rumble of thunder and he's like a glue stick.  Thankfully, that's all he needs, no hysterics, panting, or pacing.  Just needs to be close.
Yes, he has a custom designed stitched collar by moi.  Vineyard Merino, beautiful to stitch with and wears like iron.
No thunder, time to see if that cat will play with me yet.
Even my down dog doesn't get to her!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fabric next....

another glimpse of progress...
stitching completed, charting begun, and fabric to design.
All stitching completed, Yay!
Looks like a flying carpet in this picture.

Mothers' Rocker Biscornu
Wonder what my love of stitching corners says about me.
Another mystery, to ponder or...
 see me just shrugging my shoulders.
c'est la vie

Mothers' Rocker Biscornu
a Kimberly design©2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

this weeks update...

...another glimpse
Tons of texture and movement!  
Mothers' Rocker Biscornu©2013
a Kimberly design©
It was tongue in cheek confession time on FB this week.  There was a huge discussion on how much decorative stitching one needs to put into each piece of painted canvas. you need to do any, 'What's wrong with just Tent stitching an entire piece??'  I enjoyed reading the comments, then decided for myself that life was just getting too serious and had to [in my humble way] interject some humor.  

I see nothing wrong with Tent stitching an entire piece as I love it myself.  It's very meditative for me, plus, there is the aspect of being able to hold an ongoing conversation or watch a show.  Wish I could figure out how to read...I know, books on tape Kim...but I'm not a fan.  I like holding a real book.  

Anyway, all kidding aside, I've spoken up before about Basketweave/Continental aka Tent stitch.  You know I love it.  I just can't teach a full day & a half class on it to a room full of stitchers that want to learn something new to them.  Hence, this latest design is chock full of texture, different threads and yes, there will be beads. 

So, lookout all of you wonderful members of the Huntsville Big Spring Chapter ANG, I'm back!  And this is all just for you!  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

retired, reinvented....

I am fortunate to have made a lasting impression with a wonderful group of stitching friends.  All over the country!

In the spring of 1994 we moved from the Boston area to Huntsville, Alabama.  Another Yankee moving south, many thought I'd be lost.

Ha!  NOT!  I was directed to join a guild there and as soon as the boxes were unpacked, that was exactly what I did.  

I met the most lovely group of women and to this day and two big moves later, we are still in touch.  Of course, the internet has played a part in keeping us connected.  During a recent 'convo' on FB, I mentioned a desire to be back out there teaching.  Freudian slip or not, the conversation grew and in October of this year I'll be back at my old stomping ground teaching a specially designed Biscornu just for them.  

While I lived there they urged me to design a teaching piece for a guild seminar being held in town.  The piece was 'Mothers' Rocker'.
"Mothers' Rocker"
a Kimberly design©

Sadly, this piece, frame and all was stolen.  I've not had the heart to re-stitch it.  I did pull a different color way thinking I would in the near future try to accomplish this feat but so far, no.  Just not happening.  

Never fear, the story continues.  I have, however, taken many elements from the piece to design Mothers' Rocker Biscornu.  The colors are similar but more vibrant and the fibers...mostly silks with a shiny Japan Gold to make all sparkle.  Below is just the beginnings.  Can't wait to design the fabric backing.
Mothers' Rocker Biscornu
a Kimberly design©
especially designed for
the lovely ladies in Huntsville, Alabama!
Just a glimpse!