Monday, November 27, 2017


I've been asked to write guides for
all of the pieces lacking them in my line
of painted canvas.

Since we are fast approaching 
Christmas ... it seemed fitting to begin with 
'Angie Angel'
Is she not the most lovely ...
bedecked with shine, sparkle, texture and of course, BEADS!
She can be yours, click link below.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What a rush....

Seems the slower I go ...
the faster the days slip by!
Explain that to me, please?

I remember Mom saying
"the hurrier I go, the behinder I get"
So I try to stay present and pull every 
special ounce out of every day.
... and still
THIS Thursday is Thanksgiving!!

SO! I'm pulling out my Mod Ornament Purse today!
You know you want one too!
click the link :-)
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Back to my desk, this years Christmas card
is in the works.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Design your own ...

With just a few simple stitches,
beautiful thread 
and some crazy real metal, 
you can create your very own 
wearable art pin!
Come join us at
November 11th
for this truly fun design class.
"Many Moons"©

When I started in the needle work industry it was with just
three charted designs for wearable art pins.  
David McCaskill bought my first designs for Club Stitch
in San Francisco and I was on cloud nine!
I had my work on both coasts! 

Wow! Times have certainly changed. 
David is now rightfully retired though
 still an inspiration to many in the industry. 
I've obviously never forgotten the push he gave me!

In this class I'll lead you down a path of adventure.
Come join me and help sprinkle a little pixie dust 
over your canvas.  We'll freely shake out a bit of
magic here there and everywhere!
Call Anne to sign up soon!
407 . 894 . 0444

I've added new pages to the blog!
See upper left side of page ...
if you can't see them, switch your 
screen view to 'web version'
Rendered in Thread shows my 
free form one of a kind 
contemporary needle art
presently available for purchase.
Giclee Reproductions is just that
reproductions of my original art 
also available for purchase.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

life is full of wonder ...

October seventh and eighth found me in my hometown
for the opening of my very first solo show!
Many of my pieces,
from original drawings, to paintings, 
'Rendered in Thread'

I was walking on sunshine, literally!

There is nothing like being recognized by
wonderful family & friends that you spent your
crazy youth with!

I love my hometown of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.
It's quaint and quirky, fits me perfectly.
It's full of people and places
I treasure.
There is that magic you live
as a teen and rediscover as an adult.

If you are in the area, the show will be open until 
November 4.
Call ahead to make sure 
Michelle is there.  She is certainly
one of the treasures you should not miss.
I'm so grateful we shared
in art classes together as teens
and have come full circle.
Thank you so much for this wonderful place to feature 
[wonder what Mrs. Wilson would think of us now]
Featured here is my painting of
'Knot Garden'
and the stitched Biscornu of the same name.
'Santa Wishes'©
[my Christmas card last season]
'Three Little Bits of String'© 
[colorful combo of my favorite string art stitching]
'Moon Flowers'©
[free form needle art with a little steampunk feel]
'Evolve'© [NFS]
Evolve is an older piece of mine that I call
'my most famous piece', even after many years
I still get requests for the charted guide for this design.
To the right is
Lower left is my newest release
'Marbles One'© [NFS]
above it is 'Coral Suns'©,
center is more fun colorful combos
of my string art.
These three pieces are how a design can evolve in my head.
Upper right is the original line drawing, to the left is the
acrylic painting that shimmers with gold dust :)
To the lower right is the very textural stitched design [NFS], all
'Curly Flower'©.
Drawing and painting, both one of a kind originals are
available for purchase.
Did you know I have a line of greeting cards?
Several of my pieces are also available for purchase as
reproduction giclee's.
original one of a kind fiber art
[see it for reals at the gallery]
'Coral Suns'©
original one of a kind needle art
'Moon Flowers'©
original one of a kind needle art
original one of a kind needle art
'Falling Into Autumn'©
This is the 'make it and take it' design
that I taught during my magical weekend.
We had a class full of laughter.  What a great time.

All of the above are on display
until the show ends November 4. 
Most are available for

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hmmm, my marbles....
I really didn't lose them ... I even added a couple more.
[and the Crown bag with my steely's is well hidden]
'Marble One'©
Painted canvas and stitch guide by moi.
Please join us in Lutherville, Maryland at 
our magical studio, The Beehive
September 16 & 17, 2017
for the playful stitching of 
my newest design.
You're sure to have a blast with us!
Class is sponsored by my extraordinary distributor
Ruth Schmuff Designs
call for details
410 . 296 . 0405
I'll even show you how to do this part!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

this is BIG ...

 My very first solo show!
I'm still pinching myself ...
It's been a long road of creativity to this 
huge event.
What's so amazing to me is that 
the journey has become a full circle of sorts.
This show is in my very own home town!
The gallery is owned by 
Long ago we sat next to each other
in high school art classes!!
The show is titled appropriately 
"Rendered In Thread"
Contemporary Needle Art
Running from October 7th through November 4th
The opening reception is 
Saturday October 7, 2017
Swalebrook Gallery
221 West Tioga Street
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
How wonderful
to have my medium of choice
recognized as 'ART'
by a fine art gallery.
October 8th will find me teaching a
'Make It & Take It'
The above piece is called
Falling Into Autumn.

Swalebrook Studio & Gallery
[click above for more info]
is one of several freeform needle art 
pieces to be offered through 
Swalebrook Gallery.

The show will also feature several 
painted pieces that later became 
needle art.  
From the imagination,
to the canvas,
to the threaded needle.
Come see how my crazy brain works.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Reinventing the wheel ...

 Sometimes ...
when designing ...
it almost feels 
like you have to reinvent the wheel!
These wavy subjects tested me ...
this is when I hear myself telling a student,
"Get up and walk away from it for a moment."
I get these brilliant ideas,
they're completely formed in my head ...
then the search begins for
'that thread' and 'that color of bead'

It can be exciting like a treasure hunt
it can frustrate the heck out of moi!
Of course, the brilliant idea when put
to needle and stitch after finding all
of the above

This is when my teacher voice comes to me
loud and clear ...
walk away for a bit Kimberly!

Voila! Perfect!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

busy busy busy ...

I've been travelling a bit ...
now home and I hit the ground 
running ...
of course!
"Little Bits of String"©
We are running this fun series 
for a second time at
The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando.
Next one being the last Wednesday of this month
July 26. 2017

Click here for class times
or call
407 . 894 . 0444
Popped one of these 'Bits' into a
shadow box,
LOVE the way
it turned out!

While I was travelling ...
I celebrated my birthday with 
some wonderful long time friends
in my home town.
Did I sleep after this indulgence
of rich dark chocolate torte'

Not much!
Not even the awesome wine from my friends
winery over came this decadent dessert!
If you are ever in NE Pennsylvania ...
you absolutely must stop by
Nimble Hill Winery & Brewery!
These Tiger Lilies ...
tree lined country road ...
will always be home.

Of course, there were deer.
Next stop, family!
My three year old granddaughter loves
to talk about her 'FAMILY'.
Which just grew by one baby brother
that she is totally in love with.
Best bouquet ever!
More Birthdays to celebrate!
My beautiful daughter!
Pictured here with the official
package opener extraordinaire!
My Crew!
I had a magical time with these two!
I was on Mimi duty for two
wonderful weeks.
Oh my heart!