Monday, June 23, 2014


Since I know, positively, that I am not alone in this obsessiveness about stitching...I know many of you will understand why I'm falling asleep sitting up in my chair at 3 in the afternoon!  
I simply had to finish this border last night!
Bottom border of 'Flying Jewels'© FINI !
Just the center focal point to get creative with...
waiting for new toys to play with.
Lined up for take off.
'Flying Jewels'©2014
a Kimberly design©

I know a lot of you post these great shots of your toes with the ocean or a sparkling pool as a back drop. I have a puppy for a back drop here...and the foot is badly bruised.  

Did you ever do something fairly foolish and decide to share it with the world in hopes that no one repeats your wonderful experience??!  

Long favorite way to stitch is on my lap with one of my two favorite frames from Kay's Creations. I have a Petite Z Frame and then a larger one. [About two years ago they came out with one that does it all.]  

Kay actually plunked the petite frame down in front of me at a summer market, smiled ever so sweetly and told me to try it out. There was always method to her booth was across the isle from another frame rep :-)  I can't tell you how many frames 'we' sold at that market and to this day, it is still my favorite.  

So, here I am working on my large dragonfly design in the larger Z Frame.  I continually need something that is not within reach, so up I get and off I go to dig/search/retrieve said item. However, the other day I only took hold of the stretcher bars...I had been flipping back and forth, universal clamp was not fully tightened and landed on my second toe!  One or two choice words followed as the pain reached my brain, weird how that takes a beat to get from foot to brain.  I also heard Kay in my head 'well twit, what did you expect'.  Miss her.  

Heed my warning...
Universal is fully tightened!
Firm believer in Arnica Montana.
Bruising could have been a lot worse.
Chance is the best footrest one could ask for.
Have a fabulous week!

Friday, June 13, 2014

nose to canvas...

...nice block of time to stitch,
means I'm actually seeing daily progress!
Finished the background, yay!
Love silk ribbon, cover a lot of ground quickly!
Flying Jewels'
a Kimberly design©2014

You've seen the top border, hope I can wow you with the bottom border band shortly!

On another note, Ruth Schmuff just added three more of my designs to the website & blog!!
Click here
Color does make us both happy! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

what made my day...

Actually, many little minute pauses to appreciate is what always does it for me.  The hard part is the remembering to take the pauses.  
Quick conversations with customers in the shop where I work, people whom I've never met can be treasures to chat up.  It's the getting to know little bits of people that come through my days.  

Seems in order to truly appreciate the treasures, one must also embrace some sadness too.  A sweet friend lost her soul mate, another fights a battle with health.  [I don't much like this part]

So when I pull into home at the end of the day and there are a ton more blooms on my Frangipani I have to smile and drop all to take a picture.  To look even more closely at the amazing shading nature puts out there for me to take in.  

Of course, one must not forget my beautiful family and our newest little member.  My daughter found a quote that I'm going to repeat here...she's discovering how amazing being a new mommy is and I love being the watcher of this new life unfolding before us. can truly prepare you for all that comes with having an infant.  The immediate connection is indescribable, but the best description I've read is from Elizabeth Stone who said that "Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." [excerpt from my daughters blog, Emma is already one month old here]
What makes me love baby piggies!?
Look at all that color!
I love the branch, the color contrast from leaf to stem to branch.
Pretty amazing.