Sunday, December 20, 2020

Being human...

Happy Holidays! 

I just sent off a newsletter full of information 

and happy occurrences during this time of isolation.

If you wish to be included please send me your email address to

make the subject:  newsletter 

First order of business in this post is to bow deeply for my

typo in above newsletter. I can not believe I misspelled 

Ruth Schmuff's last name!! We've only been friends and a force together

in the industry for approximately 28 years!

She texted me laughing out loud, that's a true friend!

Next order of business...


Looking ahead to February. 

My classes have students but we are still hoping to fill 

at least one more 'socially distanced' chair at

 The Needle Works 

in Austin, Texas for my 'Choose Your Own Journey' class. 

This is a unique opportunity to stitch any piece from my line of 

painted canvases and have me at your beck and call for 

three days of fabulous stitching. 

There is still time to sign up and get your favorite design. 

The class runs February 19, 20 & 21.

The Needle Works assures me that all precautions are being 

taken for everyone's safety.

The class is small in size in their beautiful large classroom, 

plenty of space to spread out.

In other news ...

I've been exploring and learning, stretching

my creativeness with new to me techniques.

Above is this years Christmas Card.

Every year I create a new holiday card.  This year I decided

to spread my wings and try something different.

The painting is 16" x 20" rendered in a way that

colors are layered to create the shading. 

This is sooooo different than my normal approach.

When I paint needlepoint canvas, every color is mixed or

bought to use directly. There is little blending, sometimes

I may bleed two colors together but never as I did

on this painting. 

Best part of this, I had a blast and I want to do more.

I'll never give up line drawings, they sooth my brain.

I'm totally focused when working with lines, 

my meditation.

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