Wednesday, August 5, 2020

smiles ....
[titled long before our world changed]

I know this year has qualified for many of you, 
on so many levels, as 
'the worst'
but ...
I've witnessed and continue to witness 
joy, beauty, & little miracles.

I could write a dozen blogs listing them all.

I do recognize that I've had fear, sadness ...
and a couple times felt myself plunge
into a pool of depressed feelings ...
still, there is that ...but
I have plenty to be grateful for.
First and foremost on a personal note ...
a new grandchild is due October first.
The force is strong in this one for sure!
My sweet niece had her babe arrive into
this world well ahead of schedule ...but
this one too is feisty and strong.
Every day I read of her growing and 

My year started off with many classes, I met
with long time friends and new to me stitchers.
Had I not had this good fortune, not sure I'd have
kept my head above water these last few months.
So a huge thank you to all who made that possible.

I've sold several original pieces, started a news letter,
written on this blog! I've designed and painted 
several new pieces that will eventually 
debut when life once again becomes

I'm just back from my first bit of travel to teach.
I'd like to give a shout out to Tampa International
for their vigilance in social distancing.

I taught for Labors of Love in Atlanta.
Mark and crew were fantastic!
I did not feel uneasy at all, tables were
arranged and students were spread out
[unless they arrived together].
Luis handed me a marvelous contraption to 
wear so all could hear me.  A shield that fit
over my glasses and covered my face completely.
I'm soft spoken, hearing me through a mask
simply wasn't working.  The shield was perfection.
Beautiful shop, beautiful people!
this is more wordy than my typical blog.
Obviously I had a lot on my mind that 
needed to jump out.

I wish you all peaceful and healthy days!

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Thank you for popping in.
Have a great day,