Saturday, June 27, 2020

my favorite job ever...

... a friend posted,
'slightly overcast, but any day at the beach is a good day'
This made my mind wander, doesn't take much ...
I was also asked this week during a Zoom meeting what
my favorite job ever was ...
mind you, caffeine had not been consumed yet ...
it is Saturday and I'm not moving fast on purpose.

Thankfully, I was last to answer and had time to ponder.
My first thought was, being a Mimi to the two pictured below.
Although, I don't even consider that a 'job', so my answer 
was, being an artist and exploring it daily throughout my life.

Then I saw a comment in my email, 'haven't heard from you in 
awhile, hope all is well'. 
This came from anonymous but I answered.
Then felt the guilt of not posting here in a bit, 
even considered not doing 
this blog any more several times of late.  BUT ...
recently views have jumped and interest seems to be renewed.
It could be the new normal we are all living 
or maybe the wonderful
group Zoom I joined out of Sarasota 
or maybe because I recently made
the leap and purchased my .com  
Who knows for sure BUT ....
Seemed I'd better sit myself down and post.

So enjoy the pictures of me living my favorite life 
with my two favorite humans ... soon to be three!
Mimi and Bird getting creative.
Little Fox and anything with wheels.
Painting rocks with Mimi.
Accidents and magic ... Bead fall ... ugh
Magic happens in this studio.
They fell right into this dish!
Thank goodness for sturdy drawers.
Just pretty.
Sunset through my Frangipani.
These are babies from my
original that Irma knocked over. 


  1. Thanks for posting and your thoughts. I don’t comment often but read your blog on my blog reader daily. I would truly miss you around here. I got off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blogs are my thing. Hugs.

    1. Hi Jo, Thank you for following and reading along. I’ll keep it going but maybe not post every week, lighten my load.
      Life’s roller coaster can overwhelm at times, it’s all good, no complaints! 😎


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