Friday, November 21, 2014

it happens...

the best laid plans...even those who over purchase...RUN OUT!!  Onward, mess ups, magic, and mint, life is good.
Mess Up...
See the last two little red dots above...
I couldn't squeak out even two more
with the ends out of my ort dish.
Thank you Ruth for calling Jean at River Silks
and thank you Jean for drop shipping one card to my humble door.
 Last two are now stitched and the background is well underway.
 More to come on that in my next post.
This pile of metallic cord may seem ordinary to most,
but to me, it's magic.
I love making a bullion cord.
Three spools of Kreinik #12
and poof!
This is probably the last mint from
my farmers garden for this season.
Makes ones cuppa tea so nice to wake up with....
time does fly, spring will arrive fast enough.


  1. Love what you are showing so far!! Looks magical....

    1. I like that magic part the most. Do what you love, love what you do :-)

  2. Can you provide directions on how to make the bullion cord? It's really cool!

    1. Hi JP, can you send me a message at
      I'm not sure when I'll get a post published with the 'how to's. Look forward to hearing from you.


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