Sunday, August 25, 2013

a process...

Once a design is stitched, it's time to turn to the computer.  I sometimes drag my feet at this point, but once I've started, it quickly becomes obsessive for me.  Now is when the reminder to get up and move around goes out of my common sense mind and gets lost.
Not the most exciting blog photo but you get the idea.
My dogged assistant 'Sir Chancelot'.  Somehow he manages to squeeze in next to me.  Add a loud rumble of thunder and he's like a glue stick.  Thankfully, that's all he needs, no hysterics, panting, or pacing.  Just needs to be close.
Yes, he has a custom designed stitched collar by moi.  Vineyard Merino, beautiful to stitch with and wears like iron.
No thunder, time to see if that cat will play with me yet.
Even my down dog doesn't get to her!


  1. Are you doing new charted designs? Or is this more of a stitch guide for a painted canvas?

    1. Hi Sara,
      I painted, I'm charting. I have such square eyeballs that as I paint, my mind is figuring how it will be stitched/charted. It's hard for me to tell you to 'just fill in this area with thus and such'. Have this insatiable need to 'show' you every stitch. Although, I am trying to be more casual.

      My daughter & son made the comment years ago when I was only charting my designs, 'Mom has square eyeballs from looking at graphs all day' 8-)

  2. love the square eyeballs comment :-)

  3. Kim, Your latest design is sooo beautiful! I'm just fascinated by everything you do! - and what a fancy doggie collar...lucky pooch! xo

    1. He is a lucky dog and I'm lucky to be his human :)

  4. How nice to have an assistant who is so good lookling.

    Regards diane

    1. And charming too!
      Thank you for stopping by :)


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