Friday, June 17, 2016

Timing is everything...

By popular request ...
we're making Harrumph wait just a wee bit longer ...
There was a majority ruling
"we can't make it now ... but we can make it in October!"

October 8th and 9th, 2016

Call Anne at 
The Black Sheep Shop
407 . 894 . 0444
to sign up soon!
"My Castle, My Dragon"
a Kimberly design©
"Happy Little Bug"
a Kimberly design©
Class time for this sweet little canvas is
July 9th & 10th.
Still time to sign up!!
Give Anne a call!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

July Class....

July will be all about a
"Happy Little Bug"©
Beginnings ....
If you follow me on Facebook ...
you'll remember this little bug not being
so happy with it's first transformation ...
Ode to bead inspiration!!
Not to mention the playful sequin cups!

Happy Little Bug class will happen 
July 9th & 10th
at my happy place 

[407] 894-0444

Friday, May 27, 2016

There's still time!

Good Morning Friday!

Still taking sign ups for 
My Castle, My Dragon
 class in Orlando at
Don't miss this chance to explore 
all the super fun stitching I've 
poured into this
magnificent beast.
[Click the above link for all info]
Check out the awesome review of my stitch guide
Jane Wood generously wrote
of the famous Chilly Hollow Blog !!
A huge thank you to Jane for being
such a driving force
in this industry of ours!
Click here for Jane's review!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dragon Time!

All the information you need to explore
My Castle, My Dragon
is up on the website
Orlando, Florida
Space is limited, so early sign up would be wise :)
We are definitely going to have a lot of fun bringing this
handsome beast to life.
We'll explore needle weaving, beads, sequins, raised stem
and a host of string art created for 'just that spot'.
Yes, to beading the planet and moons!
Swooping in for his big debut June 25 & 26!!!
Come join us for the fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

from small beginnings....
He started off as a small line drawing
within a larger piece of art
for my sons graduation.....
His original self was a pen and ink
that hovered above a hand lettered message
to my son, Desiderata.  

He's now a full seven by twelve
with even more love poured in
with each stitch I placed.

My Castle, My Dragon©

His big debut will arrive 
June 25 & 26
in a weekend workshop at
The Black Sheep Shop
Orlando, Florida!

I hope you can join us for two days of
colorful, fun stitching.
There is a lot to explore in this design!
[Click on the shop name for more details]
My summer place ....
....and what planet do you come from?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

square eyeballs...

Computer time ... charting, writing, 
creating new symbols!  
When my kids were little, 
one of them told me I was
going to have square eyeballs from 
too much charting.
notes, notes, notes
Once I sit myself down to it ... 
I thoroughly get into the adventure.
Guiding the beast ....
My Castle, My Dragon©

Pssst .... scheduling class time for June!

Friday, April 15, 2016

"Happy Little Bug"©
Class time is second Saturdays in 
June & July!
Come join us at
The Black Sheep Shop
Color, texture, sparkle, and glitz!
BEADS!! to the rescue.  
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram
you know that I stitched this little bug twice. 
The first version was just 'eh'!
So out came the scissors and
Voila!  Much much better. 
[no you don't get to see the first]
Playing with new to moi fiber.  Big Thank YOU to
Jill Likes  The Needlepointer
for some new toys in the studio!
Stitching begins on "Curly Flower"
next up on my stitching list.
"Caps N Curls"
[right] is down the list but
wow to the color fun I see.
I sat last night writing down ideas for Curly,
so I'm anxious to get started.
Easily distracted....
Sunny window above my desk casting shadows....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

hearing this...

"The colors you use make me happy."
...makes my heart happy too!
Best compliment ever!
Pictured above are...
"Yes, I'm Special"
"Tree of Life"
all three are available through
The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando, Florida
These designs are the first of 'The Nine'
a collection of five by five inch canvases.
Each features an array of different techniques. 
If you're in the area, please join us!
We're offering them as a two Saturday class. 
Lots of instruction, plenty of time between classes
to stitch away and hopefully finish each piece. 
When complete, you'll have a wall of art!
As well as a visual wall of stitches to give you plenty
of ideas for future painted canvas stitch interpretations. 
April 9, this coming weekend we begin the 
Tree of Life


Friday, March 25, 2016


When I was a kid ...
not that long ago!
I had a long bus ride back and forth from school.  
As I stitched on the little mushrooms in this piece 
I remembered drawing in the condensation on the bus windows ....
mushrooms, happy faces, peace signs 
and didn't everyone make "Hang Ten" feet with the 
side of your hand and fingertips for the toes???
Of course, now happy faces are called emoji ...
go figure?
"Tree of Life"
The next design in my series of The Nine,
Just how much can you pack into a five inch square design??
Don't ask!
Class sign ups are ongoing for this piece!
The first of two will be April 9 at
The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando.
Call or click away for info.
Basketweave beading with a few ribbon flowers tossed in.
My tree has tiny little beaded Bluebirds too!
I know many of you are afraid of ribbon embroidery ...
BUT! If ... you can relax with it,
you'll change your own mind.
Beads, little stump work with felt, polka dots for fun,
and my mushrooms from the sixties ... bus windows.
Happy Easter!!
Emma will be two very soon! This adorable picture
was after her very first Easter Egg Hunt!
She is the sweetest granddaughter ever!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tree of Life

Seems appropriate to blog about my
Tree of Life 
today, on this first day of spring!
Tree of Life
is the third in my series of The Nine.
The first class will be held April 9th
The Black Sheep Shop 
in Orlando!
Call or Click the link for information.
Cute, just cute!
Played with different backgrounds again.
Darning dots on the left,
Couching to the right...
and a little bit of felt with beads & ribbon embroidery.
You can see the two different backgrounds really well here.
The quilt 'ish' looking circle will be mostly beads!!
Next up in The Nine series...
Happy Little Bug!
I have some really fun threads pulled for this
and of course,
some wild ideas on how to stitch it!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Time to create new designs 
stitch guides....
Looking back and designing forward!
Bead and bullions...of course.
Stitching on my Tree of Life!
I do love playing with ribbon!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Reviewing last week...

Most of you know about the 7 day challenge on Facebook...
below are my seven.
It was a fun challenge, didn't involve any 
restrictions on diet or large amounts of exercise!
And I found pieces I'd forgotten about.
Many have posted, what I call "vintage pieces" of mine.
It was a blast to see them popping up on my wall!
"Camel Flowers"©
My Biscornu Collection!
"Provence Purse"©
"Austintatious Peacock"©
"Flying Jewels"©
"Yes, I'm Special"©
Voila! Fini!!
Wish you could see how much he sparkles!
Class starts Saturday March 5th!
at The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando!