Wednesday, October 15, 2014

design time...

...balanced with stitching time. 
Sometimes these two happen naturally, sometimes...not so much. 
Today I was counting out the border along the right hand side
...and I screwed it up.  
Ugh...the debate in my head is to start totally over 
or white it out and re count. 
Cute snail, cute flower, cute snail, cute oops, off center.
Are you doing a happy dance that I count this out for you!??
'Little Dancer'©2014
Getting a feel for color 
before putting brush to canvas.
This is typically how I 'do' it.
Coils...couched...sort of.
I laid a base of diagonal satin with Very Velvet, then coiled the Memory Wire. There is one tiny couch stitch at the very center
and then just around the outside coil.
Tiny ribbon flowers have been re stitched since you last saw a picture of this corner in my world of stitching.
As I worked another area my thread caught one of the Montano knots several times...another ugh. I think the end result is 'cuter' sometimes frustration leads to better results.
Our little Emma the world traveler,
here she is in Belgium looking her cutest ever!
Besides exploring the globe, she is sitting up and cutting teeth. There is just so much happening in her world! So much to be grateful for, her sweet smile makes my miscount of cute snail and flower border a mute point. I find myself just staring at her pictures and are we grandparents not the luckiest,
I get videos too!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

all is quiet...

I'm super busy designing and super excited about teaching in Baltimore in November. Time just keeps rushing by!
My favorite past time.
My favorite girls. Sweet grandbaby girl is now FIVE months. Too fast!

Friday, October 3, 2014


or insanity :-)
Swirls on a design always throw me,
even worse when I do it to myself on my own design!
So late last night I had one of those blinding
flashes of  'try this you crazy lady'
These are tiny bullions with Soie Perlee,
actually easier than you think
because the silk slides so easily.
I did find that I had to spin my needle between my fingers
to un twirl the thread between each bullion.
Right away, I felt this was going to look awesome.
I have ripped out the little green stems...too fuzzy.
in progress, yay!

Friday, September 26, 2014

stitch by stitch...

In between playing with my grandbaby, 
a little stitching on Blossom.
Sometimes a groan comes from my stitching spot. I'm loving the play of the Memory Wire. Love the beaded background of the light green area. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with the big dots yet.  Underneath the coil is a smooth spiderweb that didn't turn out the way my minds eye saw it. The coil is fun but will lose its fun'ness' when I attach it with couching.
I'm also obsessing over the red dots. I've lost track of how much ribbon I've wasted. Right now they are worked in Montano Ribbon Knots. Basically everything I've ever taught anyone about making a French Knot, FORGET.
Many loose wraps,
do not hold the end of the thread taut...
DO NOT pull firmly.
They are to be fluffy, loopy knots.
This tiny dancer will be a companion piece
to my 'Emma's Pillow' design.
This is what I do when stitching frustrates me,
grab my pencils!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

sensing a trend here...

bubbles...I seem to really like bubbles! 
I use to always have a bottle of bubbles around, 
even had a bubble machine at one point or another.
Dream Glimpse©
from this....
Too this...
TaDa! To this....
...goes with this, of course :-)
'Dream Fragment'
'Flying Jewels'©
I seem to like pretty winged bugs too...
along with bubbles!
'Tree of Life'©2013
Because everyone needs one!
This tree has cute little birds and decorative bubbles!

Life and it's busy'ness' will see where this one leads me.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Provence Purse
Just the beginnings, always enjoy having a 
basketweave piece going.
You saw this previously as a computer generated piece in the colors of it's Biscornu parentage. My head was in an orangey coral aqua green place the day it was painted...and I'm loving it.

The problem is, you think you have enough time.

I'm not sure right now who's quote this is, but it rings in my monkey mind almost daily!  

Often, when I crash into bed at night, I start to create this mental list of what I want to accomplish when a block of time opens up for me. Just as often upon waking, my morning is full of chores, dog to feed and walk, laundry, oh cripes, I need food, picking up, slicking up of my space and before I know it, NOON and I've accomplished nada thing on my list.

At noon, when I'm home ... and the sun is shining ... I want my 20 minutes of vitamin D outside. Back home, now I'm starving, and the day is creeping by. Often I find I'm not sitting down at the paint table until late afternoon and then working late into the evening until my eyes give out with the lack of natural light coming in my window.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, maybe wishing I was a morning person, but I've tried that many times. Why set myself up for failure, mornings don't work for me. I'm not grumpy, I just don't move that fast, not in an I'm super old creaky sense. More like, she's really not awake, it just appears that way because she's vertical.
My furbaby Chance
... maybe she won't see me back here.
So last week I sat myself down to make a 'monthly' goal list of 'todo's. Day one found me working on something that was totally not on the list anywhere. But, oh happy day, I finished it! So I added it and then happily scratched it out!
'Mondays Belt'
Ready to ship off to the finisher, yay!
I also finished one other lingering project, a super adorable knitted cardi and cap for our 'Little Miss' Emma. She nor her Mommy have seen it yet ... so no pictures. I don't knit much anymore but thoroughly enjoyed working up a sparkly little bit for the cutest grandbaby girl ever.
Love this picture of her, my current favorite.
She's totally focused on her new found toys,
fingers and toes are the best! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Dog Day...

 ....who comes up with all these 'national' days? They are fun and tend to break up the week with something different. Whatever, Chance seems to be aware of the fact that he should get extra spoiling today.
'We' are calling this pose 'Downdog Lotus',
hard to meditate with so much cuteness sitting on your lap!
'Blossom' progress this week.
PILES of bullions!
Lots of loopy ribbon flowers too!
Not to mention 'random' Herringbone
on the pink stripes of the trunk.

Friday, August 22, 2014

ribbon and bullions...

Yes, having fun here with ribbon work and piles of bullions!
Fun right from the start!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

If you'd like to meet me...

... and take a class featuring my 3 dimensional dragonfly 
"Flying Jewels"© 
It can happen, Ruth has a class time set for November.  
Sign ups have already started!!  Yay!!  
I know we're going to have a blast 
at the shop with the lime green walls!! 
To sign up follow the link to Ruth's place for more information. Dates/times/the whole nine yards. 
Bedecked and Beadazzled [scroll down page] 
it's happening...November 8 and 9!
Beyond the very cool 3D copper mesh wings,
there are the top and bottom borders. I've explored all kinds of different stitch techniques, to keep you going on this design.  Threads run from simple cotton to plied silk to wool/silk blend, silk perle, metallics, and just a few beads! 
I love teaching classes as it gives me the opportunity to meet so many of you and have a more personal connection to what all of you are wanting in your stitching.  
So I hope you'll join us for a weekend of sheer 
delight in stitching fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If you need me...

 ...I'll be here working for the next few days. Love blocks of time, my head seems to need reassurance that there is actually time to finish something in order to focus on it. So back to my pencils/markers for a few days.
Pretty round shapes filled with treasures forming here...background to take shape soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


If I had to put the last week into one would be 'full'.  Not just the normal, wow, I've been busy full. 

My Mom and I quietly began our journey home to the mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania last Friday. As we arrived at our gate and found a nice spot to sit, the attendant at the gate announced that she had the 'sad privilege' to announce that our flight had brought home a fallen soldier, a young Marine.  The entire population at the gate stood and proceeded to the windows to watch a full color guard carefully guide this young mans coffin off the plane. 

This in and of itself was amazing to watch.  To my Mom and I it was all the more heart wrenching as we were taking a veteran of our own home to rest.  My Dad's ashes being neatly held in our carry on. So this began our journey.  I have no pictures of this event, it's all in my heart neatly stored away. 

Once home we dispersed, as my dad would have put it...the tree full of birds was shook and we all flew in different directions.  My brother and his wife were taking a longer route through NEPA and arriving the following day.  My Mom's best friend from high school folded her into their beautiful lake house with grand views of the mountains.  I found my favorite spot at the Lake with childhood friends.
The path...which has been upgraded.
As a kid it was flat rocks strategically placed and I don't remember a handrail
Lake Winola as seen from the porch of Sunset Hill.
aka. The Shebby's
Porch sitting and stitching, can't get any better than this for me.
Sunset Hill
Lynore, Lenny, and me.  We've been a set for many years and never miss a beat when we manage to be together. Mom Shebby referred to me as 'the third twin' growing up and still does. Being home with them for even just a day or two was a gift.
The weather man threatened the entire time to deluge us with rain and happily, he was wrong.  We had a wonderful day that started with handmade floats for the Lake Regatta. Throughout the day we watched as the next generation took over the making of the dock display for the nights events.  A huge tarp was painted and signs were made, music was arranged, costumes put together and in the was a huge Gameboy display commemorating 25 years.  Can you believe it, no wonder that song never goes out of my head entirely!  They had a blast and the hard work paid off in a first place dock display in the animation category.  Below are the two lead characters.  I call them 'the newlyweds' as they happen to be Lynore's youngest and his new wife.
Mario & Luigi aka Amy & Jacob.
Dark of night and bright spots made it hard to
photograph these two in action.
This is a longer post than normal and not much to do with stitching.  More of life and what comes and goes. Our time was full as I wrote above.  The tree of birds came back together to celebrate our Aunt's 80th at a local restaurant called Twigs. We had a wonderful time 'full' of laughter and old stories. As well as, 'what have you been up to' news was shared.  Family and friends, it's good.   

Our small town has only changed just a little, which thrilled me. So many places I've lived changed so much they are no longer recognizable. Not so with Tunkhannock, main street shop fronts have changed but the layout is pretty much the same. There are not a million stop lights and the urban sprawl is not like I've seen elsewhere. All of this comforted me, I like that it's stayed small. The area is lush and green, the trees tower and the mountains hold it all together.  

All of this made the end of my stay easier.  As we laid my Dad to rest a Hawk called out above us and soared off towards one of those glorious mountains.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014


When planning a trip...
What do you check out first?  The weather, things to do, what should I pack to wear, do I have a travel size shampoo/toothpaste?  Or...are you like me?  What will I take to work on, next would be something to read. The clothes, the weather, the toothpaste can all be dealt with but if I don't have a 'no brainer' piece to stitch and something to read, I'm in trouble.  And as it happens, I just finished my last basketweave piece.

Yesterday I realized this and I fly tomorrow!  Brain is racing and lands on an older idea.  All those biscornu designs I did fabric for...I have all those computer drawn images!  GO PLAY!  What transpired is the first image below.
'Provence Purse'©
The colors will be different as you'll see in the next image below.  Use what you have in your stash when your flying out the next day. Get drawing and get painting! I'm excited!! Bet you couldn't tell that at all?
Fun pile of thread, center panel drawn in, love my colored sharpies. Today I'm painting in between several other 'todo's. Like laundry and packing.
My Son
Another one of my creations!  I've posted many a picture of my beautiful daughter and just a few [haha] of my new grandbaby...but none of my handsome son. He's pretty much forbid me up to this point, not a big fan of social media.  Avery was here to visit recently while on a walk one day I mentioned this lack to him.  He agreed it was a little one sided and gave permissions, hence the picture above. Please let me introduce my son to you all. He's super talented and out of my two, he is the one that enjoys stitching! He draws up his own pieces and off he goes. I'm not saying that he's big on finishing any of them but he has a great time getting started. He's recently finished welding school and just landed a job that he is so far, pretty stoked about. Proud mom I am.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Emma's Pillow!

Emma's Pillow!!  Cest fini!
All in basketweave...for my friend that counts stitches...5,928 stitches!!  I could not bring myself to count as I stitched, the number was figured when complete just this morning.

I stitched constantly while waiting for our little bundle of joy to arrive.  Passed several hours in hospital with threaded needle zipping along.

Whitney [my amazing daughter] titled this little picture of Emma 'my favorite little human'.  I know I'm just a tad over the moon with her but isn't she the most adorable granddaughter!!  I started the design of her pillow after I read a blog post of Whitney's that referred to Emma as 'our little bird'.  It soaked deep into my head and brewed for a bit, then I started collecting photos of birds.  I'm not sure how many sketches I had going before the above finally arrived on my canvas.  

If you'd like a canvas of 'Emma's Pillow' to stitch for your own little bird, it's available soon.  Have your local needlework shop order through Ruth Schmuff Designs.  
This design is also available in a petite version without the ladybug border or as a belt with just the ladybug border. Pictures should be up on the website soon.  Happy stitching!