Monday, September 3, 2018

What a summer...

...this has been !
From my turning 60 Birthday Bash in Baltimore
to my first Fine Art Show in Florida!
So maybe I should counter that this 
started last October in my hometown
with my first ever 'one woman show'
featuring my 
Rendered In Thread
free form needle ART!
.... or maybe all the way back to the mid 90's
when a friend said ...
'Kimberly, you should self publish your designs'
I'm living a charmed life, 
populated by an amazingly supportive family
and like minded friends,
that just seem to be there for me always.
This makes me feel very grateful and blessed.
This year isn't over
but ... for the next couple of weeks
I'll be here ...
I don't imagine I'll be sitting much as I'll
be entertained or entertaining my grandkids!
Just finished painting this amazing creature.  
Between the patron and myself this has been titled
"Dragonfly Dreams"
This was a completely impulsive project.
I foolishly dreamed I'd finish this
in time to display in my booth for
Fine Art at the Magnolia.
Completed last night
it measures 3' x 6' and is winging
its way to its new home tomorrow.
These borders were an adventure
all by themselves ... funny how fabric
can bleed when you get it too wet!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ready for flight ...

The process ...
many ask, 
"So what is it that you do, Kimberly?"
Original drawing of "Trio"©
21"square, marker rendering.
This was the beginning of my feature piece
for next weekends fine art show.
[info below]
Biggest piece of canvas this one has
ever painted.  I had to borrow an easel!
Which if you'd seen me trying to put this
together, you'd still be laughing.
Finished hand painted canvas of
From here, it was mounted to stretcher bars to 
allow me to go crazy with cotton and silk fibers,
silk wrapped gimp [love this stuff] from
Tentakulum Painters Threads

amazing Silk Ribbon from
River Silk,

 metallics, silk, and fine copper mesh from
Kreinik Mfg.

Doug Kreinik found this awesome 
copper mesh for me after much 
fruitless searching on my part.
My dragonflies would be flat winged 
without his generous assistance.
Rendered in thread, one of a kind,
fiber art, mixed media canvas by
a Kimberly design©
As I rendered this piece .... my hands just seem to know what
to do, what a magical journey this piece has been for me.
The outlined flowers in the background, the hatchmarked
sparkle ... stems, leaves, many moons .... and oh!
Those WINGS!!!
The 'viney' things ...
that's the silk wrapped gimp.
Meet Betsy Bohrer!
She is the creator and curator of two different
art venues here in mid Florida.
Both of which she graciously asked this one
to be a part of.  She is helping me introduce
the world, one small step at a time, to my
world of needleart. 
I met Betsy about two years ago during a one
woman show of her beautiful works of art.
The friendship took off from there. She introduces
us as Mischief and Mayhem. You'll have
to guess at who is what ;-)
[although, I think we trade back and forth]
If you're in the area of Central Florida ...
Please join us next weekend for
Fine Art at the Magnolia
We are a collection of seventeen Fine Artists 
from all walks.
Ranging from pottery to paint to
sculptural basketry to
digital to photograpy
to sculpture
to jewelry to glass.
Something for everyone.
... and all in air conditioned comfort by 
beautiful Lake Mirror in the historical
Magnolia Building.
My proud Mom!
Love this picture of her!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just a tad busy....

Tonight is a sweet “4 Squared Makers”
Opening reception at one of our awesome
local coffee houses. 
I think we have 40 artists 
showing for the next month. 
So come check it out if you’re in the area. 
Tonight there will be art, music 
and of course,

These are my four,
Dragonfly and Echinacea 
have already sold ๐Ÿ˜Š

I’m diligently working on my feature piece for
Fine Art at the Magnolia
August 18 & 19
Where did June & July go!?!

I hope you can join us for this wonderful event. 
We’re seventeen artists, all with our own
different and unique talents ...
... and, we’re in the beautiful historic
Magnolia building 
overlooking Lake Mirror 
in air conditioned 
comfort ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Monday, July 2, 2018

Life is sooooo good....
To say we had fun ...
would be an understatement !
Best Birthday Ever !
This was a most awesome group of stitchers we had at
The Beehive for "My Passion" class.
They just dove into the stitching like nobodies business!
Lisa! What can I say ...
Except ... she asks great questions!
Just a few and we love her!
She was thrilled to find the magic of
counting out a string art design and having it
land it the correct spot!
Wish you could see their work up close,
they are all very accomplished
needle workers! Thank you to all of you for joining
us at The Beehive!
[Lisa had to leave early or
she would have been front and center...
she kept us in 'stitches']
As I walked around the class room
I kept propping my piece in one of
the many colorful chairs Ruth has ....
which is your favorite?
I have one but will wait to hear yours.
This guy, Johnny ....
my housemate at The Beehive
and breakfast buddy.
Does he just not make you smile!?!
Ruth realized before I arrived ...
Just how long have we known each other???
When I taught my first class in the needlework
industry .... I was seven months pregnant! 
Ruth and I had our first cash and carry show
together in Hunt Valley, Maryland 
two years later.
My son will be 27 this December.

If you are interested in purchasing
"My Passion"or any of my other hand painted
needlepoint designs, follow the link.
Ruth Schmuff Designs .
Bedecked and Beadazzled

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

big stuff ...

For several months ...
I've had to stay quiet about what was going on 
with my stitching.
Not anymore!!
"My Passion"
I've been designing this piece in my head for years,
I think.
There are re invented elements from past pieces,
with new additions ... just because.
If you have known me in my design life ....
You'll recognize this panel as a new version
from a charted design I released in 1998 called
Mothers' Rocker.
This version is more hip in it's color way with
changes to the background.  The new variety of threads
made for some beautiful transitions to a painted surface.
There was no such thing as Silken Straw back in '98!
Nor was there a color called Oregano from Kreinik!

Sooooo .... if you do indeed remember me from my
beginnings in this industry ... I was a young punk with
so many ideas.  Now I'd like to think I'm a
wee bit wiser and wow, turning 60!
Still a rebel, still living the dream of
doing what I love!

Come help me celebrate with my fabulous
long time friend and distributor
Ruth Schmuff at her magical
BeeHive in Maryland
June 15, 16, and 17!!
Follow the link for all the scoop.

a Kimberly design distributed by Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blue Bonnet Studio!

I am so honored to be teaching for
Blue Bonnet Studio 2019!
What an awesome venue for
all of us to gather together.

Take a look at my two original 
hand painted canvas designs
being offered.

Don't wait too long to sign up, class space is limited.
... from drawing
... to the stitched canvas.
"Yes, I'm Special"
hand painted needle point canvas 
and stitch guide.
Close up of this birds very cool feathers.
Of course, he had to have a fancy
bit of fluff for his head piece!
... from black and white to
... to WOW! 
"Tree of Life"
Hand painted needle point canvas
and stitch guide.
Just how much can she pack into
a 5" square of canvas!?!?
Detail of beading work with pops of ribbon.
I love them!
Ribbon, beading, applique!
So much fun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

what's go'in on ...

a lot, a lot, a lot 
is go'in on!
"Caps 'n Curls"
The release of another in the line of 
my nine squares.
This one just glistens and is full 
of fun techniques to expand 
your stitching know how.
Click here for more info.
Just imagine having a wall of art that
show cases different stitching techniques.
Your work can inspire new ideas for
other canvases in your stash.
 this sneak peek I gave you
a few months ago .....
Tada!!  Introducing 
'Elsie the Elephant"
The next mystery class at The Hive!
I am really excited to see what magic Ruth 
works with Elsie.
It's truly cool when a new design makes
my heart sing.
Follow the links to sign up for the magic!
Bedecked and Beadazzled Mystery Class
So much fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy Life!

This blog has been mostly ignored so far this year.
There have been many wonderful days but not
much that I can post.  Secrets are fun and frustrating.
Soon, you'll see some of the behind the scenes work
that has been going on in the studio.
In the meantime, here is a look into my world 
over the past year.
New Years Eve Attitude January 2017
Starting the year off just a
tad colorful.
Working ....
Working ....

REALLY, I'm working ...
This was a sneak peek at 
the September Class below.
Mom and I traveled North to
celebrate someones third birthday!
What a treat to have all four generations together.
We had tea in Peekskill, NY one day.
My ninth Great Grandfather 
Jan Peeck founded this town.
Frangipani blooming with a full moon.
Sadly, this bit the dust between a 
hurricane and
three days of sustained frosty days.
So glad to have pictures.
Never forgetting to look up and take it all in.
Home for my birthday and time 
with special friends.
Here Lisa and I are by the 
Susquehanna River.
Love this place, 
it will always be home.
Someone became a sister in June!!
I know I'm prejudice, this picture to me, 
shows this child's
beauty shining from within.
Oh my goodness, 
how amazing grandchildren are!
Eclipse ....
Always remembering to take it all in, I hope.
Being present ....
Chance, the cat, and myself evacuated 
to my brothers
place in Tampa to sit out Irma.  
Thankfully, she fell apart
before reaching us.  
As the eye passed over us, I'd never heard
so many frogs croaking in my life.  
I grew up in the country, this was
way more nosy.  
Those guys were shouting their relief!
Thankfully I was not too blown away 
by the hurricane as shortly
there after, as in two days ... 
I flew to Baltimore to teach.
Still with most of my Marbles.
Toured Fort McHenry while there.  I know,
I take 'off' the wall' pictures.  The brick work
fascinated me ... lines, circles, dots ....
... and the aquarium in Baltimore as well  
They were featuring a Jellyfish show.  
These are actually plastic art hanging over
the cafeteria area in the building. Captivating.
More amazing friends. I am so blessed.
Far left is Michelle Robets Thomas, now owner of
Swalebrook Gallery that hosted my first solo show.
With us are Dawn, Stewart and Teena,
all very long time friends that hold my heart.
Photo collage of show.  This opened more
doors for this artist.
A wonderful Christmas closed out last year.
My son was in town to help us celebrate