Friday, July 24, 2015

I think I could...

... live on watermelon ... at least right now. 
Bought the sweetest seedless personal watermelon last night. 
I was amazed to find an organic one! 
Blissed out on watermelon, easily made happy am I not.
I also enjoy the plotting and planning of new designs ...
Laying silk threads ... love the light reflecting.
Calling this Caps & Curls©
Love drawing up new designs too.
This one is making its way to canvas,
my next stop today is the paint table.
I'm thinking of calling this one
'Show Off'
Beginnings, palette phases.
Yes, I think 'Show Off' is a proper name.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

a blessing...
today 3 random blooms
I think they're for my friend Jim
today we celebrate his life

[and in case you're paying attention Jim...
my last piece had 22,848 stitches]

you will be missed

Though we need to weep your loss,
You dwell in that safe place in our hearts
Where no storm or night or pain can reach you.

You placed smiles like flowers
On the altar of the heart.
Your mind always sparkled
With wonder at things. 

Though your days here were brief,
Your spirit was alive, awake, complete.  

                           ~John O'Donohue

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big News!

I've teamed up with Anne Jones, owner of 
The Black Sheep 
in Orlando!!
We are planning to hold once a month workshops
featuring my designs and stitch guides.
The first will happen August 29 and September 26.
Featuring my Paisley Biscornu!

Sign up through the shop following this link
'Paisley Biscornu'
Painted canvas design and stitch guide
with custom designed fabric

a Kimberly design©
Anne picked a great piece to start off with.
Paisley Biscornu has a variety of stitches
from French Knots to Bullions to Turkey Work
and of course, a fabulous border!  And...
an awesome little tassel to top it off with.
You'll learn all, from stitching to finishing!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

desk mess update...

...and happy distractions.
I've been drawing and painting ... a lot!
Can only give you peeks, as I'm plotting and planning.
Sorry ...
Not for stitching, I've just had the itch to draw.
This bird will have tons of color, it's from a photo I've had
in my swipe file for ages. Thought at first he'd be cool
for needlepoint but he's tooooooo detailed.
I also feel there was some creative editing of the photo.
Which is cool but it bothered me
for some odd reason.
Who knows where my head is
all of the time!?
She is a lovely little distraction!
I have a stack of photos that my daughter recently sent
from my trip over for Emma's birthday.
The sketch to the left is from
a black and white photo taken on her birthday.
I haven't sketched like this in ages,
 it felt so great to totally
lose myself for a bit.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


There are those days when a basketweave piece is
 ah mazing to have in hand. 
I've been drawing, drawing, drawing, cutting up yards of canvas to work up new designs upon.
And then, I bought a new desk ... 
and then of course, 
I had to paint it a bright fun color. 
That part was easy, the terminology 'hand buffed' finish ... holy camoly ... basketweave was about all I could handle after a few hours of that. 
Desk is gorgeous, when it has finished 'curing' and I can load it up, you'll see pictures.
camera strap
I'll be disappointed when I finish this,
it's been fun to work on.
Many fond memories of stitching on
it around the world, so to speak.
This traveled to Germany, Pisa, Florence,
and back to the states over to Houston
and back home again, Whew!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

small bits...

... a new adventure ... this is one kind of happy for me. 
Just drawing. 
Of course, these bits will turn into larger bits 
with huge amounts of color and then ... 
but of course, they'll be enhanced with threaded needle! 
Another kind of happy is new mechanical pencils. Yeah!
These bits are only 5"square ... for now.
Details ... can bog me down. Like what I've finally worked out.
My Castle, My Dragon©
He has a name ... Harumph!
said grumpily with some air behind the 'rumph' part.
This may change as he becomes happier
with his adornments, for now he's not
doing well with my slowness in getting him stitched.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

my adventure to Houston ...

Chandail, a must if you're ever in the Houston area!

Saira has a secret ... she is a thread collector! 
Since I was remiss in taking a picture of her thread stash, 
you'll have to visit this lovely colorful shop to see 
'the secret garden'.
Not really a secret but, upon entering the shop, 
you do not see any threads, 
they are all tucked safely away around the corner 
from the hot sunshine of Houston in their own private space. 
It's like finding a magnificent forest of color.
Precious students ...
Rebecca, happily stitching away on her ribbon flowers.
At this point I'd only taught them one version of the 
several versions of Bullions I have in this piece. 
Ilene was a trooper, as hearing the word Bullion 
sent her close to the edge by the end of the first day. 
Alison in the background was the class 'turbo' stitcher, beautiful work!
I had a wonderful time getting to know all these ladies.
 I was also able to see long time friends that traveled down from Austin. 
How awesome is that! 
The farthest traveler was Renee from Dallas! 
All of us were very surprised to learn that Jenn, 
who is pictured above in the group is very new to needlepoint ... 
like MONTHS! 
She was not afraid of anything and her work is beautiful!

Stay tuned, we had such an amazing time, 
I'm already booked for next April!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

and away I go...

to Houston!
The skies may still be heavy with rain clouds 
but we'll be stitching away 
with bright happy colors inside the walls of
a Kimberly design©

Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching up...
My whole reason for traveling to Germany!
Our little bird turned one!
This is what drew me to Firenze!
Il Duomo
This massive piece of architecture
overwhelms the buildings approaching it.
Whitney catching me, catching Il Duomo.
Our apartment was this close, of course,
the gelato was that close too!
We three, probably not our best picture but the backdrop is WOW!
This was after a magnificent day of touring the Chianti region.
Several wineries later ... we were back in Firenze
a top this hill looking over the city.
The day of touring could not have been possible
without friends that came down  for the day.
Can't thank them enough!
What memories we have from this day.
Shelby, Whitney, Emma, & Nikesh
What great friends to come and chauffeur us
all over Tuscany's Chianti Region!
The sky was that blue!
Border designs anyone ...
I'm told this was built with no scaffolding!
As my creative right brain took in this shot,
my left was telling me that if one suffered claustrophobia ...
 it would be hard to live here. Good thing I don't!
So much beauty to take in.
They call this the gateway to the Chianti Region. 
You can just barely see the vineyard fields off in the distance.
Greve in Chianti is a town and commune in the province of Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

[just imagine addressing that envelope]
The BIG dream ...
a secluded villa in Tuscany ...
can you just imagine retreats here ...
Solatione Vineyard
I was so in awe.
Hope I have this correct, the name means 'lots of sun'.
Solatione Vineyard
Tiny little grapes on the vines at this point.
The owners of this golden spot were so welcoming.
We just showed up with no appointment.
Whitney remembered this amazing vineyard from
a previous trip to the region.
A quick search found the address to be less than fifteen minutes
away and off we went on another adventure.
The first bridge you see in the distance is Ponte Vecchio.
Which I was cutely corrected on how to pronounce.
Just forget that 'h'.
I decided I would fit in nicely only if I could make
myself up speak in the center of almost every word
that comes out of your mouth in Italian.
We had a sweet young couple sitting at the next
table one evening for dinner.
The young man had me in a fit of laughter telling me how Americans say Ferrari so wrong.
They were great entertainment for Emma that evening too.
Wonderful memories made.
Wiped out.
We'll definitely have to do this all again in the future
at an age that she'll remember every wonderful detail.
Love you sweet little bird.
Thank you for being such a good little explorer
with Mimi and Mama!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mimi goes to Germany...

Soon...very soon,
I will be hugging my most 
amazing daughter & I will most assuredly
have a fit of giggles with my 
very entertaining Granddaughter in person!
My travel project, are those colors fun or what?!

All packed and ready to go, flight leaves tomorrow.
Am I just a little excited....oh yes I am!

Chat with you in a couple of weeks,
[side trip to Italy too]

Thursday, April 23, 2015


...wicked cool!
"My Castle, My Dragon"©
Figured you could watch me bring this to life...
this will be available ... after it's totally complete.
Once again, I love what I do!
Even when it takes an entire day to accomplish one small area!
I haven't come up with a name for my beast,
it'll come to me though.
Scales, sparkle and shine and ... well defined!
His ear and eye ridge.
Eye ridges are important to dragons.
So a little more sparkle to the ridge.
I managed to move to an area that is
the Sahara Desert of Needlepoint.  

Not one shop is close by.
I do, however, know how to pick up the phone.
 But ... sometimes ... WHO wants to wait.
 The idea is there and you're ready to stitch.  
This happened on his eye ridge.  
I only have Kreinik #8 in 3202, one of my favorites,
 so it's not odd that I'm out of a size.  
Another BUT ...
did you know you can strip/ply some braids??  

It's not easy but it is possible.
So I gently extricated three very fine plies
from my #8 and worked
just the tiniest bit of string art
on his ridge ... and it's perfecto!

Warning...this may take a while for me to stitch.
I'm on a roll right now but shortly 
I'll be winging my way to Germany for
 ... drum roll ... can you believe it's been a year???
Emma's first birthday!!!
Emma's First Easter celebrated in Crete.
My little world traveler!
And yes, I knit that colorful cardi she's looking so adorable in.