Thursday, July 21, 2016

smalls ...

I do stitch large pieces ....
sometimes ....
but most often, I prefer to work small'ish'.
.... and of course, I like to play with these smallish pieces.
Often, I get carried away and fly with an idea, 
creating more and more!

My wonderful daughter took all of these group shots
of my eight Biscornu designs.
Biscornu is French for ...
what else would you associate with moi ...
quirky odd shape.
While I don't claim to be oddly shaped,
I have definitely been labeled 'quirky'!
A jumble of color and texture!
[Center is Provence, across bottom is Lily Pond,
Swirling Hearts & Mardi Gras]
Probably my two favorites,
Provence and Knot Garden.
I loved the fabric I created for Knot Garden so much,
I painted a version of it on artist canvas.
See upper left corner of blog home page.
I designed matching fabric for each canvas.
Included with the stitch guide and any odd beads
for finishing.
Available through
Bedecked and Beadazzled 
Shops order through
Front and center, Butterfly Biscornu,
Paisley, Provence, Mothers' Rocker,
Lily Pond, Knot Garden, Swirling Hearts,
& Mardi Gras
Provence Biscornu is loaded with gobs of color!
Swirling Hearts Biscornu shimmers!
Mardi Gras ... proves you can do a lot with 
just three colors!
Mothers' Rocker Biscornu
This was a special request from the first
embroiderers guild I joined.
For this sweet group of women who encouraged me to
"get out there".  They even drove through a blizzard to get me
to Nashville, where I met my first distributor!
As I mentioned above, I think this one will
remain my favorite.
Knot Garden
it's one of the pieces in my life that the stitches
seemed to flow out of my hands and onto the canvas.
Butterfly Biscornu
This was the first, inspiration was from a pashmina
I was given from Egypt.
Lily Pond Biscornu, color and calm all in one!                   

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


... life is a journey ...
This phrase has been repeating 
through my brain today.

I've been lucky to have many.
They started at the tender age of two.

One month from now will find me here.
I've no idea who took this picture ...
but I thank you.
These mountains, the valley, the river that flows through ...
this is my home and holds my heart.

I can't believe I left 40 years ago!
So many journeys I've had since.

This morning found me wondering 
when I might come upon a clearing 
on my path where my brain and heart say ...
this is it, this is the place you'll stay.

Until then ... this is where I am today.
Starting a new piece and dreaming up new.
"Curly Flower"©
is next in The Nine series for
The Black Sheep Shop
class time is 
September 10th & 11th, 2016
Hope you can join us for a weekend of FUN stitching!
Click the link or call to sign up!
407 . 894 . 0444

Check back for updates on my adventures!
... of course, you'll want to see what I come
up with for this crazy flower!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I LOVE them!

Read this just yesterday ... 

"Aging is an extraordinary process 
where you become the person you always should have been." 

~David Bowie

just wow

Today I turn 58, which I find fascinating 
as I arrived on the planet in '58!

To celebrate, I took myself on an adventure last weekend.  
My long time friend decided to move south two years ago.  
We were texting back and forth one evening and she said ...
'what's up with you, you seem edgy??' 
Moi, edgy, she was right!  
Told her I must need a break ... to which she replied, 
'well, come on up for a visit'. 
So I did!

Since this adventure meant driving through Orlando ...
I simply had to stop by The Black Sheep for a visit, 
There I met this fine fellow on the front sidewalk.  

 Is he not amazing!?!
He was so huge, had to add the quarter for reference!
... and what did I find perched on the counter
next to some of my greeting cards???
None other than my dear friend
Donna Fullilove's 
latest adventure!  
Her fabulous needle case bags!
Black Sheep Ideas
After my big photo shoot with the amazing grass hopper ...
I climbed back in the car for the second half of my trip.  
... but not before I zipped over to 
Sugarbuzz Dezert Company
to visit my friend Ron and buy some of his awesome
Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies!
He's wonderful and treats me to Gluten Free goodies often!

I said there would be laughter!
There was!
Lynore and I have known each other since grade school!
We laughed late into the evening Thursday.
The next two days found us at the beach walking in the surf
with more laughter as we splashed our way along the coast.
Back home and I'm not edgy at all.
A weekend of laughter and long walks on the beach
were just what I needed to recharge.
Meditation on the Magic Carpet, totally.

You're a work of art.
Not everyone will 'GET' you ...
but those who do ...
will never for'get' about you!
He 'gets' me and was very happy to have me back home.
Does he not look relaxed and so dashing in his
Mommy designed my collar.
[ ahem ... collar available through Ruth Schmuff Designs ]

Friday, June 17, 2016

Timing is everything...

By popular request ...
we're making Harrumph wait just a wee bit longer ...
There was a majority ruling
"we can't make it now ... but we can make it in October!"

October 8th and 9th, 2016

Call Anne at 
The Black Sheep Shop
407 . 894 . 0444
to sign up soon!
"My Castle, My Dragon"
a Kimberly design©
"Happy Little Bug"
a Kimberly design©
Class time for this sweet little canvas is
July 9th & 10th.
Still time to sign up!!
Give Anne a call!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

July Class....

July will be all about a
"Happy Little Bug"©
Beginnings ....
If you follow me on Facebook ...
you'll remember this little bug not being
so happy with it's first transformation ...
Ode to bead inspiration!!
Not to mention the playful sequin cups!

Happy Little Bug class will happen 
July 9th & 10th
at my happy place 

[407] 894-0444

Friday, May 27, 2016

There's still time!

Good Morning Friday!

Still taking sign ups for 
My Castle, My Dragon
 class in Orlando at
Don't miss this chance to explore 
all the super fun stitching I've 
poured into this
magnificent beast.
[Click the above link for all info]
Check out the awesome review of my stitch guide
Jane Wood generously wrote
of the famous Chilly Hollow Blog !!
A huge thank you to Jane for being
such a driving force
in this industry of ours!
Click here for Jane's review!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dragon Time!

All the information you need to explore
My Castle, My Dragon
is up on the website
Orlando, Florida
Space is limited, so early sign up would be wise :)
We are definitely going to have a lot of fun bringing this
handsome beast to life.
We'll explore needle weaving, beads, sequins, raised stem
and a host of string art created for 'just that spot'.
Yes, to beading the planet and moons!
Swooping in for his big debut June 25 & 26!!!
Come join us for the fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

from small beginnings....
He started off as a small line drawing
within a larger piece of art
for my sons graduation.....
His original self was a pen and ink
that hovered above a hand lettered message
to my son, Desiderata.  

He's now a full seven by twelve
with even more love poured in
with each stitch I placed.

My Castle, My Dragon©

His big debut will arrive 
June 25 & 26
in a weekend workshop at
The Black Sheep Shop
Orlando, Florida!

I hope you can join us for two days of
colorful, fun stitching.
There is a lot to explore in this design!
[Click on the shop name for more details]
My summer place ....
....and what planet do you come from?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

square eyeballs...

Computer time ... charting, writing, 
creating new symbols!  
When my kids were little, 
one of them told me I was
going to have square eyeballs from 
too much charting.
notes, notes, notes
Once I sit myself down to it ... 
I thoroughly get into the adventure.
Guiding the beast ....
My Castle, My Dragon©

Pssst .... scheduling class time for June!

Friday, April 15, 2016

"Happy Little Bug"©
Class time is second Saturdays in 
June & July!
Come join us at
The Black Sheep Shop
Color, texture, sparkle, and glitz!
BEADS!! to the rescue.  
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram
you know that I stitched this little bug twice. 
The first version was just 'eh'!
So out came the scissors and
Voila!  Much much better. 
[no you don't get to see the first]
Playing with new to moi fiber.  Big Thank YOU to
Jill Likes  The Needlepointer
for some new toys in the studio!
Stitching begins on "Curly Flower"
next up on my stitching list.
"Caps N Curls"
[right] is down the list but
wow to the color fun I see.
I sat last night writing down ideas for Curly,
so I'm anxious to get started.
Easily distracted....
Sunny window above my desk casting shadows....