Friday, February 20, 2015

what I want to do...

versus what I should do....
this can really screw with my focus, my priorities....
because until I can do what I want...
I can't totally focus on what I should...a quandary for sure.
Drew these organic forms some time ago, now I want to paint them....
...see the bag of threads nestled in the bowl to the center...
what I should be doing.

 Late evening stitching, Chance is in need of a couple new collars...
and its a quick way to play with color.

So this is me just checking in this week. Still have my marbles!
Have a wonderful weekend, 
hoping all my family & friends up North 
are staying safe and warm.

Friday, February 13, 2015

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Hope you all give yourself a big hug and 
treat yourself in some way that makes you totally happy!
Just look at her sweet face.
My sweetest Valentine, little Emma. 

I haven't posted a picture of my 
growing up all too fast granddaughter in a while. 
She's almost walking at nine months!

Over the past year... 
I've been adapting my art to 
the painted needle point canvas.  
In celebration of today...
here are a few of the Valentine pieces 
that have made the transition so far.
Flower Power©
The gals at Bedecked and Beadazzled
have pulled some beautiful threads to work this up.
The shop offer to the first
caller/emailer/private message via FaceBook
is 10% off the canvas and threads!
Blooming Heart©

Friday, February 6, 2015

This almost felt like the forever project. 
Looking forward to sitting in the 
purple stitching chair newest project in hand.

I need to add here that the paint I used is 
Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan
The supplier is Black Swan Bazaar.
I had a lot of guidance from Richard and Yvonne,
two fabulous people that had a lot of patience with 
all my questions...I about went nuts 
trying to achieve that wonderful shade of raspberry!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guess what??!!

I am very excited to announce that
I've been asked to come teach my

'Blossom' design for
in Houston, Texas!!
a Kimberly design©2014
This design is full of fun stitching.
We'll certainly fill up two class days with a lot color, technique, and texture!  I've used beautiful ribbon, a few beads, Memory Wire, silks silks and more silks, of course there is a little sparkle too with metallics and some new to even me thread!
We'll explore bullions, cast on, couching, and even blackwork. 
We'll layer, loop, and French knot our way through this design!
Come join us at Chandail 
May 30 & 31
[click here for more details]
this will take you to Chandail's home page,
click on classes & workshops,
scroll down...
there I am! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

he has my back...
and most of my cushion!
This is my new studio far. There is still much work to be accomplished and of course, I've added more to the pile. 

I've always wanted to design a needlepoint rug. I voiced this one evening during a trade show and my friend Libby groaned an emphatic 'no you don't'. She was the voice of experience having designed an enormous private commission for a client. So I let it float into the recesses of my mind. Still I paint a rug design on my floor. 

Have to admit, this is backbreaking work!! I find myself in some odd contortions and thank my body for being so flexible. What does my yoga teacher call it...hyper mobile. Basically means I have to be very careful as I can easily hurt myself and not know it. 

So today, I'm painting, texting with my baby girl in Germany, laughing at pictures of my grandbaby with pureed beets from ear to ear and making myself get up and walk around often. 

I am stitching in the evenings but darn, it's secret stuff. Not even a peek available right now.
This years card, Merry Christmas!
Yes, I bought myself a kaleidoscope recently.
Cheap entertainment that filled my head with fun new designs!
Could not share until the last card sent made it to it's recipient.
Sending packages to Germany can be tricky :-)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Birds Pillow...
Emma with Emma's pillow
just for her by her Mimi!!
What a poser, she's perfect!
Not the least bit prejudice, am I??
Three pictures came,
all too cute to choose just one!
Celebrating the holiday with all of us somewhat scattered across the globe is always interesting. We seem to manage just fine though. There will come a year when we are happily all in one place together. And won't that be the best ever. 

Until then, I'm extremely happy to be blessed with two fabulous kids, a wonderful caring son in law, and the best grandbaby ever. 

My Mom and I spent the day with my brother and sis in law, eating way too many goodies and exchanging special gifts. 
Very blessed times.
This grocery store bought cactus is not one to disappoint.
Three years in a row, just in time for Christmas too.
Amazing color, amazing blooms!
Making one corner of my new studio
very colorful indeed.
Tree has to be in front of a window, right?
Makes taking a picture complicated though.
Like my small skinny tree all decked out.
Another colorway from last weeks
free charted design.
Click here for Gallery of Trees

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

From me to all of you!

 This is an ornament design I released through 
Rainbow Gallery in 1999! 
Every year it comes out to grace my little tree and every year I remember how much fun I had in the designing of it. 
Some times a design just happens and this was one of those. 
I've stitched it up many times and in many different colors on different colored canvas too.

It's a quick and easy stitch, doesn't require a lot of thread and if you stitch two of can work a binding stitch around the two and have an ornament finished in no time.

Thursday, December 11, 2014 busy to blog!

 I'm writing, wrapping, shipping,
and then...I'm going to yoga!
Positive I can catch you up next week, same time, same channel!
Om Namaste everyone
Remember this guy...
'Santa Up Close'©
he's available for your holiday
stitching with guide by moi!
Original art by moi from 2009

Monday, December 1, 2014

...broccoli, a brain, really?

a Kimberly design©
I think all of you know my favorite stitch is Basketweave.
I have other favorites too.
I will admit...I see the broccoli correlation albeit very flowery.
Although...who says a brain can't be full of wonderful 
colorful thoughts.
New windows, new view. 
I think it meets with his approval. 
Remodel of the front porch, 
soon to be studio space.
Makes this one very happy.
I've been wanting one of these 
for a very long time.
More on this later.

Friday, November 21, 2014

it happens...

the best laid plans...even those who over purchase...RUN OUT!!  Onward, mess ups, magic, and mint, life is good.
Mess Up...
See the last two little red dots above...
I couldn't squeak out even two more
with the ends out of my ort dish.
Thank you Ruth for calling Jean at River Silks
and thank you Jean for drop shipping one card to my humble door.
 Last two are now stitched and the background is well underway.
 More to come on that in my next post.
This pile of metallic cord may seem ordinary to most,
but to me, it's magic.
I love making a bullion cord.
Three spools of Kreinik #12
and poof!
This is probably the last mint from
my farmers garden for this season.
Makes ones cuppa tea so nice to wake up with....
time does fly, spring will arrive fast enough.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What she said...

Ruth posted a fabulous accounting of my weekend in Baltimore teaching 'Flying Jewels' aka the big bug. Please go look at all the wonderful pictures that were taken with a special 'look back' at the way we were photo posted at the bottom of the blog!!  
Click HERE

Sharon, who was our first distributor when Ruth and I were all about charted needlepoint, picked me up from the airport. Which was a fabulous start to the reunion we had all weekend!

It was waaaay back in the mid nineties when we all met. We've all evolved since then, happily in wonderful creative ways. I would miss the 'old days' more if the 'new days' were not just as awesome!
Cest Fini!
Provence Purse
a Kimberly design©
Our first day of class was devoted to working
the top and bottom border designs.
The second day was all about the 'big bug'
and his magnificent copper mesh wing span.
What a wonderful group of warm hearted
women to have in my class.
I am humbled and honored that you all joined us.
Thank you to Ruth and her amazing staff for putting the kits together and keeping all running smoothly throughout.
All you do is greatly appreciated in case you don't hear it enough,
we LOVE you!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

almost ready...

This is the weekend I go to Bedecked and Beadazzled to teach my 'Flying Jewels' design. I'm very excited to show all how to create my 3D dragonfly featured on the blogs cover photo.
The time has flown by!!
Just finished the Kumihimo strap last night (aka wee hours of the morning). Fabric for backing and lining lying here in front of me ready to be turned into a purse. Just in time to take with me to Baltimore. One should have a new bag to travel with, right!!??
I seem to hear a harumph coming from him.
So he's traveling North with me where I'll get to pull some amazing threads to deck him out with.
These are small snippets of a new piece. Once I get to the shop with the lime green walls and get to play in the threads, I'll post a picture of the entire piece.